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Women dresses for any occasion in Uganda

Of recent there is always a reason to celebrate, unlike the old times where we would wait for Christmas or Idd to bring out our best outfits. Meeting up with friends, colleagues at work or getting together as a family always calls for a party. But have you ever worn an outfit and actually wondered if it’s what you should really have worn? Or ever felt awkward for wearing a certain dress at a particular function? Did you at one point spend a sleepless night worrying about where to get the dress of your choice? I guess you have ever spent a whole day moving in town looking for a specific outfit. Well, if you’re in Uganda, worry no more about what dress to wear, when, how or where to get it from. Just get ready to rock that party with the following tips.

Dresses or any other party outfits are everywhere in Uganda but the trick is getting the exact attire you need for a given occasion. Usually, occasions dictate what we wear to bring out the full meaning of the event. Dresses wore at an office dinner may not be put on to a birthday party or wedding. These tips will guide you on looking stunning in that dress or outfit for that special occasion.

Wedding party  dresses in Uganda

Keep off white dresses as this color is for only the bride!! Would you really wish to compete with the queen of the day?? So choose any other color but be mindful of your color complexation because you don’t want to hear “That doesn’t look like you”. Floor-length gowns or knee-length dresses are perfect for weddings. Kaftans are trending and they are fit for such events.

Office dinner party

Have you ever heard of my little-black dress? Yeah! Every girl should own one. A little-black dress accessorized with matching jewelry and a nice pair of heels will bring out the official look. A classy knee-length cocktail dress would be suitable for the event though informal sandals or casual flats are a definite NO!

Cocktail party

It is important to consider the venue and time for the cocktail party before deciding on what to pick from your closet. Evening cocktails call for a more formal outfit than those scheduled earlier in the day. Similarly, a cocktail at a classy hotel demands for a more elegant outfit than that held at someone’s home or a restaurant. A pantsuit as long as it doesn’t look too corporate and a lace cocktail dress would be great for a swanky cocktail party. On the other hand, a shorter party-ready, colorful floral dress or skirt enhanced with strappy sandals is appropriate for a cocktail held at a restaurant or friend’s house. On a chilly evening, a fur scarf or posh blazer will complement the look. However you should avoid jerseys or denims because they are too casual.

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Baptism or any other religious function

A religious ceremony is a special event in the lives of the people celebrating it and therefore one has to dress up a bit to honor the occasion. Select an outfit that is seemly for the religious event. Such events call for classy or fancier attire. You should be more dressed up than when you’re at a casual party but not as dressed up like if you were attending a wedding.  Avoid outfits that are too open like back show, too low-cut and strapless attires or else cover up with a coat, shawl or light sweater.  Baptism or any other religious functions don’t have color limitations unlike weddings. So feel free to wear any bright color of your choice accompanied by simple jewelry and lower heels. Swahili deras with head wraps or hijabs are a perfect choice for a Muslim ceremony.


It is obvious that a funeral is a sad gathering. It is necessary to show respect and grief right from the way we dress. It is more appropriate to keep in dark colors and the body well covered. Any outfit you choose shouldn’t reveal the shoulders or cleavage and should be covering the knees. Keep it decent!! Dark shades, a simple scarf on the head and nude make-up would be a great accompaniment.

Birthday party or family-get-together

Such occasions are casual and therefore pull out anything that is convenient. Skinny jeans or a skirt with a lovely top will do. Grab a pretty sundress with sandals and you’re good to go. If the birthday party is strict on the colors to wear, stick to them but always remember to keep it simple not to steal the show because it’s not your party.

For a night-out

A night out is always amusing and relaxing, so you should have that charming look for the dim lights. Get anything girlish like hot colors such as red, pink, flowing skirts, hot pants with fishnet stockings, high waist jeans and sexy jackets. A face beat, fancy jewelry, heels and those fabulous boots will bring out the hot look in you.

A stylish kitenge fabric can be worm to most of the above occasions in form of a dress, skirt or pants but one should consider the print and color as dull colors are more appropriate for funerals.

All these outfits can be acquired in busy towns and trading centers all over the country. There are boutiques around Kampala, at Pioneer mall, Acacia mall, Garden city, Lugogo mall. There are also down-town boutiques in Wandegeya, Mukwano arcade, Ham shopping grounds, Park Enkadde mall where to get similar outfits at a relatively low price.

Estimated prices are as follow depending on the quality of the outfit and where you have bought it from.

  • Party dresses from 100000shs
  • Cocktail dresses from 50,000shs
  • Sundresses from 30,000shs
  • Skirts from 15,000shs
  • Blouses from 10,000shs
  • hot pants from 10,000shs
  • fishnet stockings from 15,000shs
  • Jeans from 25,000shs
  • Tops from 10,000shs
  • Deras from 30,000shs
  • Hijabs from 50,000shs