All you need to Know about crotchet Braids

Crotchet Braids in Uganda

What are Crotchet braids?

Crotchet braids are literally those made with a tool called a latch hook between one’s own con rolled hair.

Popular and often known as the hair do for the 90s, the crotchet braids are back and are now the trending hairstyle for the season.Crocthet braids have a natural and more realistic look as the extensions used are very similar to the natural texture of human hair. It’s a style that has mainly been adopted by those ladies that prefer a protective kind of look. Where the weather gets colder for some time, it’s just the perfect and fresh hair do.

How are crotchet braids made and styled?

Being a unique and realistic hairstyle, the crotchet braids only take you about 3 to 4 hours to make. Worry not about sitting in the salon for the usual long hours.


What are the Steps involved in making crotchet braids?

  • Make neat cornrows in clean and well moisturized hair. Choosing the pattern of how the cornrows will look like depends on your hair type and how you want them to look like.
  • Using a crotchet braid need (latch) saw the hair extension of your choice on the conrows.
  • To attach the hair extension to the conrows, you need to tie a knot to the extension as you crotchet. If you love to style the crotchet braids for a much more different look, you may as well use rollers to add curls to our braids.

Conrow patterns

Crotchet braids are quite simple and easy to make that even I you fail to find time for the salon, you can do it yourself step by step in front of a mirror.

What do I need to make crotchet braids and how much do these cost?

You only need a few supplies to fix your crotchet braids.

  • 2 to 3 packs of hair extension of your choice (a kind meant for making crotchet braids. The price for these differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. The color of these has always depended on one’s preference and choice. Each pack costs about $ 6 to $ 7.
  • A latch hook that is used to saw the hair onto the cornrows. You will get this from local hair shops or hair dressers at only $ 1 or $ 3.

latch hook

  • Leave in conditioner for the hair to attain a silky and smooth look.
  • Hair oil for the hair and scalp.
  • For enhanced styling you may also need rods and hot water for making the curls.

How do I maintain crotchet braids?

Avoid wetting your braids, this will help them last longer and keep them intact in their almost natural texture. Using a good leave in oil for your scalp everyday is food for your braids. Forget about manipulating your hair as you go to bed whether as twists or braids. You are advised to use a satin hair cap to help your hair keep growing even as you go to sleep. Some people prefer that the hair doesn’t touch them as they stay home in the house especially on a hot day. Just use a meshed cap to cover your hair on a hot day while in the house. Crotchet braids don’t need a lot of combing say in the morning. A little shake and touch with fingers will have you ready and set to go.

Why women like the crotchet do braids?

  • Crotchet braids take a really short time to make as compared to other kinds of hairstyles such as twisting with kinky.
  • Crotchet braids are easy to maintain and your real hair is protected underneath the extensions crocheted on the conrows.
  • No need to worry even while working out. The braided base will still allow the scalp to breath.
  • Crotchet braids also last a long time of about 2 months and hence no need to frequent the salon as you don’t need to style your hair each day.

small crothcet curls

You may however get a shabby look if the braids are added well and left to sag and also if you have knots that can be seen. Using a cheap extension may have your braids last a much shorter time as they may turn fizzy.

How do I take out the crotchet braids?

Removing these braids is actually much simpler than fixing them. Cut off the extension right up to the cornrows, but carefully to avoid cutting your hair. Then freely let the hair drop off and continue to carefully undo the conrows.

Crotchet braids are a trendy hairstyle today. Enjoy our next hair do.