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Where can I buy my wedding Gown In Uganda?

Wedding gowns and dresses in Uganda. Welcome the online guide for Wedding clothing and gowns in Uganda. You will find a gown that suits your taste and preference around the shops in Kampala, Jinja and Mukono. There are basically 4 types of wedding gowns, that is a-line, ball gowns, sheaths and the the mermaid cut or what we call the trumpet. It is every bride’s dream to make a statement on this very great day of their life. You may possess the best location, table settings, floral arrangements and dress for your great wedding day, but not the essentials of dressing the bride!  This needs a professional’s touch – particularly if you to appear picture perfect throughout the whole wedding ceremony. To give a bride the honor to turning faces as they walk down the aisle and be the center of all attraction on that special day, it is not a one day thing. Elegance and above all simplicity should be your motive that will automatically require a professional touch.
Uganda Weddings Guide.

Tips to follow before selecting a Wedding gown

Below are procedures to follow to ensure that your bride is dressed perfectly for their big day.
Discuss to know the bride’s taste and preference.
The most important thing is to ensure that the bride is comfortable so as to fully bring out their natural beauty and elegance. Discuss at detail with the bride to know their preferences and how they desire to look on their big day. Basing on your findings, you can try out on the hair dos, and make up she chooses prior to the big day.

2. Choosing the wedding/ bridal dress and gown to wear.
Every bride would love to look their best on this day, but when it comes to the dress to wear on a wedding in Uganda; special caution should be taken as different dresses look better on different body shapes.
Whether you are renting, buying or customizing your gown, be ready at any time to try on several wedding gowns before settling for one that absolutely flatters and completes you body shape.
Unlike the past traditions where all brides wore long white dresses paired with white shoes, thanks to the booming fashion industry today, there are a variety of gown designs and colors you can choose from together with designer hump or peep-toe shoes.
The most import thing to remember is to be simple, elegant, smart but outstanding. Avoid bold designs that may overpower you and opt for simple glamorous creations that will carry a design.
Always settle for a design that best suits your budget.

3. What kind of makeup a bride should wear?
Makeup is a very key and sensitive area on a bride. Whichever makeup you choose to wear, it should give you a very natural look, obviously dissimilar to that you wear daily. It being that most brides wear white clothing on that day, opt for soft makeup. Carefully blend in the different shades of makeup so that they are not easily seen. Remember the shades of makeup are best reflected depending on the lighting, therefore keep in mind that day’s lighting. Always avoid glittering lips and white shades and choose the makeup shades basing on the skin completion of the bride.

4. Is there any beauty routines recommended prior to the wedding?
You are highly recommended to avoid doing anything out of the ordinary to your face and hair prior to the wedding. Normally you are advised to continue with your hair and your beauty routines. This will save you from last minute facial reactions like rashes and hair breakage that will certainly kill your confidence. Such routines will definitely guarantee a glowing skin and shiny hair. The best you can do is having your eyebrows shaped in case you feel they are too thick. You can always go for your manicure, particularly the French one because it appears very natural.  A pedicure should also be done if the bride is to wear peep-toes or open shoes. Additionally, you can also continue with your gym routine.

A Guide to Bridal Wear Dealers in Uganda

Unik Bridals

Luwum Street Next to City Centre Complex Namaganda 33110,Kampala Kampala

031-2291285, 075-2348164

Beryn Events Ltd.

Kampala Road Opp. Pioneer Mall Mabirizi Complex, Kampala Kampala


Today’s Bridal Boutique

Kampala Road Opp. City Bar Crown House Shop No. 7 23151,Kampala Kampala

077-2498860, 078-2338202, 077-2432397

Sister’s Bridal Shop

Kampala Road Opp. Fido dido Park Royal Arcade, Top Kampala Kampala

041-4230126, 077-2586133

David’s Bridal Wear

18A George Street Nakasero Kampala Kampala

041-4577143, 075-2207902, 077-2498838

M’ Adelaide Conture

Luwum Street City Complex Shop No. H-123, 4th Floo 4449,Kampala Kampala

041-4385690, 075-2426284, 077-6426284

Lady Charlotte

37/39 Luwum Street Equatoria Shopping Arcade, Shop 34,Kampala Kampala

077-2325858, 075-1057343

Urban Image Ltd

Lumumba Avenue Kampala


Bridal Paradise

Rainbow Arcade Shop No. 12 37112,Kampala Kampala

041-4665837, 077-2511254

T.R Fashions

Entebbe Road Kamu Kamu Plaza, Ground Floor Shop No Kampala Kampala


Beautylicious Parlour

Muyenga Road Kabalagala Embassy Hotel Building 1st Kampala Kampala

031-2105952, 078-2850923

Bridal Dressing in Uganda

Bridal Shops

Look for the ideal bridal shop to choose from your wedding requirements like dresses for the bride maids, for the mother of the bride, and definitely your wedding dress. You may decide to look for those items the local way by moving from one store to another. Or alternatively use the internet as a quicker means.
The question that many still ask is online bridal store should they do their purchase. How do you make certain that you made a right shop in choosing a certain online store?
Ok, make this easier a task by following some of the suggestions below.

1. Get Referrals

Just as it is with all other things, making referrals is the best way to choose the best online bridal shop. If you have people you know who have done this before, always ask them. They will gladly help you and

However, if you do not have any friends or close associate who have done this before, then the internet will give you all possibilities there possible. Many of these online bridal shops/stores have promoted their businesses through customer feedback on their websites.
Although entirely basing on only testimonials of clients is not the main objective as several online bridal shops/stores may upload false feedback on their sites. To them this considered as negative advertising.
Do not be bothered as there are numerous available wedding forums. While using the internet you can always look up for highly regarded wedding forums, you sign up and inquire about the finest online bridal shop/store. Definitely you will get several responses but if you happen to be patient enough you will end up dialing the number of the best shop.
2. Go for Functionality

Online bridal shops/stores vary depending on the quality of products and the services they offer. As most of the shops focus on wedding dresses, others basically promote other wedding products like invitations, favours among other.
Therefore, as you decide on an online shop, choose the one that will cater for all your bridal needs. For example for example if you already have someone tailoring your wedding gown back at home, them don’t search for a shop that focuses on wedding dresses.
3. Get an easy-to-remember name

Fortunately, majority of the names of bridal stores/shops can easily be remembered. Nevertheless this is their way of pushing on top of the page. There are several URLs like on ‘online bridal shops’ or “shop of brides” or ‘bridal shop’ and these too can greatly assist you, so use the.
Because of the internet you are saved from the hassle of moving from one shop to another where you may end up taking close to 3 hours in each shop as you move from one state to another looking for the perfect item you want. The internet is such a great wonder.
Because every modern person wants to fully utilize the modernity, is high time you joined the wagon.  There is almost nothing that the internet can’t do. For that matter, make good use of it. For that reason hire an online bridal shop services today.