Ladies Bags Uganda, Hand Bags, Purses & Wallets

Ladies have a lot of accessories that they adorn themselves with from jewelry to shoes but it is rare to find a lady without a bag. Ladies have a lot of items that they move around with and this explains why every lady has a hand bag with varying sizes and colors.

Different bags are used for different occasions and every lady has different tastes when it comes to hand bags. Some people love buying brands because they are stylish whereas others just go the markets and get any bag they find as long as it carries out the purposes that one needs it for.

Materials used to make ladies hand bags in Uganda

There are various materials that can be used to make ladies hand bags in Uganda and some of these are listed below:


  • Banana fibers


These are joined using hands and sewn together before being hanged in the sun to dry. These can be found in the different craft shops around the country at considerably affordable prices.


  • Beads


The beads can be purchased in the different shops around town and they come in different sizes and colors. They are sewn together using threads and needles on a piece of cloth to make the bags. These are made in different sizes from big to small and can also be got from the different craft shops in the country.


  • Leather


This can be got from different shops or imported and it is the best material to use since it is long lasting. It comes in different colors like grey, black and brown and these can be  got from the different shops around the country.

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Types of ladies bags in Uganda

Every lady wants the best when it comes to bags due to the different trends that come out every year and below is a list if bags that every lady should in Uganda should have


  • The bucket bag


This is medium in size and has a flat bottom with long handles. It carries a large number of things and   every lady should own one and it is trending on the market. It also has a casual appearance and can be carried when one goes for shopping or outings.


  • Saddle bag


These got their names from saddles used on horses. They have a long strap and can either be carried across the body or on the shoulders and they also have a flap that covers the front part. These majorly come in small and medium sizes and are easy to carry on almost all functions.


  • A pouch


This is a small bag which is used by most women to carry small essentials like earrings, bracelets and other small valuables. It is a very tiny bag which can be closed and opened using the draw string which can be pulled. The beauty about owning a pouch is that it can be carried inside other big bags.


  • Shoulder bag


This also comes in different sizes and they hang on the shoulders. Examples of shoulder bags include the following:

  • Satchel bag

You can carry this anywhere from work to road trips. they vary in size and have  a handle on the top which enables it to be carried easily.



  • A tote bag


A tote bag is a rectangular in shape and it has an opening on top with two straps on both sides. It can be carried across the shoulder and it majorly comes in the large size.

  1. A bowler bag

This is an oval like shaped bag, medium in size and can be carried to the office. It has short handles and some of the bags have a dome shape to them. they got the name from the original bags that used to carry bowling balls.


  • A wristlet


This is a small hand bag and it has a small strap that is almost the size of a wrist and it can be used to carry the different small items like lipstick, money and a phone.  The strap on the wristlet resembles a bracelet.


  • A clutch


A clutch is a small hand bag that is held in the hands and has no straps. These also come in different sizes and are mostly held when one is attending a party or church.


  • A miniaudiere


This is a hinged case with a top close that is encased in crystals or beads and it has an extremely thin strap mostly in chain form and they are also held during parties.



  • A fold over bag


This is a very good bag and can be held on different occasions and it is a bag that has atop which folds over into a flap. The beauty about holding this bag is that it can be adjusted easily using the long straps.

Factors to consider when choosing bags in Uganda

A perfect hand bag should match the outfit that you are wearing and the occasion that you are attending but to get that bag, you need to follow a few things that are listed below. These will help you in choosing the bets bag and avoiding fake bags on the market.


  • The budget


We all have budgets that we use especially when we go shopping and therefore it is advised that when shopping for a hand bag, do not out shop your budget because you can get an extremely good bag that fits within your budget.

Before purchasing that desired hand bag, first patrol the different shops that sell them to see the price variations. This will help you to stick to your budget and not to be overcharged by a specific shop in town.


  • The occasion you are attending


This is an important aspect when buying a hand bag. There are occasions that require bid hand bags and those that require small handbags. Therefore before choosing a bag you need to determine the occasion that you are attending.

If you cannot get a specific bag for a specific occasion then purchase a hand bag that can multi task I different places.


  • The quality of the hand bag


Look for a bag that is highly durable and of good quality on the market. A good quality bag will carry most of the things you need without getting spoilt.

Leather hand bags are known to be long lasting and are catchy to the eye. When purchasing a bag first hold it to see if the quality is good before spending your money on it.


  • The use of the bag


Lastly you need to purchase a bag that will fit into what you want to use it for. For example if you are travelling, you cannot use a hand bag because it is too small to carry most of the luggage that you have. Therefore you will need a bigger bag for travelling.


Where to buy ladies hand bags in Uganda

There are very many places where you can easily access beautiful hand bags and these are listed below:


  • Markets


There are several markets in Uganda where you can get hand bags from and some of the major markets where you can get them include

  • Owino market, located in the heart of Kampala. Here people put up different stalls and they sell ladies hand bags ranging from old to new hand bags and the prices differ according to the type of bag you want to buy.
  • Nakawa market, located in Nakawa division, this market also offers a wide range of ladies hand bags at different prices. Be ready to bargain when purchasing one from this market and make sure you visit the different stalls to determine the market price for the different bags.


  • Shops


There are several shops around town located on the different arcades like Mukwano arcade, Ham shopping center where you can get beautiful ladies hand bags.

Some shops specialize in selling bags and they can be located in the same area in town. Therefore it is advisable to first go to different shops to determine the lowest price or the average price of the hand bag that you would like to purchase.


  • Online


There are several websites where one can purchase hand bags in Uganda. All you need to do is browse the websites listed below and you will see different bags and some of the websites are listed below

  • Jumia
  • Kilimal Uganda
  • OLX

Purchasing of different ladies hand bags takes a lot of time as ladies take a long time to decide on which type of bag that they actually need and want to buy. Therefore before taking that long journey of hand bag hunting, it advisable to first browse on the internet to find out what is trending on the market and the market price for that specific bag. This will help you go to the market with an idea of what you really want to buy.

                                      Handbags in Uganda

Hand bags are held by different people but most especially women and they never tire of holding them. Women rarely do without their handbags as this gives them class and adds to the elegance of a woman. They carry most of the prized possessions of a woman from makeup, money, shoes, and combs. There are many hand bag types that we can carry but all this depends on one’s style and sense of fashion.

Some want to carry bags form specific brands whereas others don’t mind as long as it does the necessary work. Below are a few tips on how to get the right bag and a few types of hand bags.


Types of handbags

There are different types of handbags that women hold and these are held depending on the occasion that one is attending and these are listed below.

  1. Wallet handbags

Wallets are the easiest trend of handbags to carry for women and they come in different sizes, color and design. They are very easy to carry especially when running errands or going to meet up with friends. These can be carried to any event and they have space for your money and a few papers and cards.

  1. Duffel handbags

A duffel bag is usually used for travelling. It has a lot of space that can carry utilities for two or more days but they can also be used at offices. They can be carried while putting on casual clothes or office outfits.

  1. Tote handbags

A tote bag has a lot of space and can allow you to carry different items that you need like a laptop, books, make up and shoes. it is a bag that has two shoulder straps and one opening and It can be carried to the office and other happening places like a concert or beach and all this depends on the purpose that you need it for. It can accessorize anything that you have put on.


  1. Cross handbags

These can be won to official events from Monday to Friday and also held in the evening for dinner. Cross bags are designed to be worn on the side of the body and have a strap that can be removed when attending evening dinners. Cross bags look good especially on short dresses or pants.


  1. Bucket handbags


A bucket bag has a strap that is worn over the shoulder and its length normally goes up to the waist when one puts it on. It can match with any outfit as long as it is of the right size, style and color and it can be put on with any cloth that you wear.


  1. Clutches

These are usually held in the evening or wedding parties and the size depends on what the person wants. They range from small to big and can be held on anything dress that you have or even pants. Some have straps on them whereas others do not.


How to choose the right hand bag

A handbag is essential since it reduces the clutter one has to carry but not every bag is good. in order to choose the right bag there are a few steps that one should take and factors to consider and these are  listed below.

  1. The color of the handbag

There are many colors of hand bags that one can choose from but the right hand bag should be able to match at least half of the wardrobe that you own. The right color of a hand bag depends on the environment that you are in but to note a neutral color like black, white, nude or grey can match with almost anything and can do different function.

Although if you have a specific occasion that you are attending, you can get a bag that matches with the cloth that you are going to put on and you should also get a hand bag color that does not clash with your skin color.


  1. The size

Size is one of the important things to put into consideration when choosing the right handbag and below is a few steps that one can follow when choosing the right color for the bag.

  • Consider your body size. You cannot get a very big handbag when you have a small sized body. You need to get a bag is moderately sizeable bag that will match your body and note that if you buy a wider bag it will increase the size of the bums and stomach, the width of the hips according to the perception of those looking at you.
  • You should get a bag that is not wider than your body width and it should have moderate straps. A bag with long straps and a width that is too big will make you seem to be short and wide. This will help you choose the right handbag.
  1. The quality or material of the hand bag

Choose a bag that is of good quality and long lasting. Most of the good bags are leather and when you go to buy one, touch it to feel whether the leather is authentic or not. Some materials peel off when the bag is used often and these should be avoided when choosing a handbag that one wants to use.

Leather is long lasting and can easily be cleaned. Therefore to choose the right hand bag, go for leather made hand bag although you should be aware of fake leather on the market.


  1. Stick to one brand

Choosing the right hand bag is very hard so it is advisable that if you have a specific brand that you have been buying, stick to that specific brand and do not change. And if you are just starting out on the brands of bags, ask for reviews on which brand to buy and keep on buying that.


  1. The design of the handbag

The design of the handbag matters especially if you are buying it for the first time. There are many fashions that are on the market but the right hand bag to buy is one that does not have a lot of different designs on it and it can be carried to different places without standing out much in a crowd.  Get yourself a hand bag that is structural in design and will last longer but avoid the saggy designed hand bag as it gets spoilt easily.

  1. Get a hand bag with a smaller logo

Fashion comes and goes and it is advisable to get a bag that is trending on the fashion scene. get a hand bag that is on the market but with a smaller logo so that even if it stops trending, you can easily carry it afterwards. A good handbag should be carried for a long time.


  1. durability of the hand bag


The right hand bag should be long lasting. When purchasing the bag, ask for the quality and touch to feel the quality of the material that has been used and if possible ask for recommendations from different people to see which bag is right for you.

  1. The pocket size

A good hand bag should be organized with enough pockets to carry around the clutter that you own. You should get a bag that has enough zipped pockets to keep all your items safe and in an organized manner.


  1. Comfort of the hand bag

Make sure that before you buy a bag it should be comfortable to carry and not too heavy. This can be done by carrying it to determine its weight when it is empty. if the hand bag is heavy even before filling it then it I not the right one but if it is light an can easily be carried then that is the right bag to carry.

  1. The price

This also helps in choosing the right hand bag that is not all expensive bags are good, you need to stick to your budget and get something that is within your means otherwise you might end up not getting the right bag. The right bag is the one that will not put a dent into your budget but still work for the purpose that it was bought for.


With all the above it is good to note that getting a good bag is not easy. You need to look at the different designs and walk in the different shops to determine the best bag to buy and at what price the budget you walked with being the main determinant on which type of hand bag you are going to get.

You can also purchase hand bags both online and town although the online shopping is trending at the moment as they can deliver the bags to your door step. But if you cannot shop for the handbag alone, grab a friend and go take a look at the different bags in town and get one for yourself.