How to Make money with land

How to Make Money with Land

Many people have pieces of land that often lie unused for quite some time before they realize on how to put it to use and thus make some good money out of it. Farming is what everyone knows as a way of putting land to use, however it can still be used to carry out a number of other different activities that can always bring you an extra amount of income. Lots of land often lies vacant but the following are some of the ways this land can be put to use for it to give you some money.

It is very key to have ownership over any piece of land under utilization, as this is one driving force to help you put it to better use. In so doing, you are able to support plant growth; make improvements on any projects on this same land as well make sure there is proper maintenance of what is growing on the land.

Land has often been used for farming but some people own huge chunks of land that they do not actually utilize well. If you are not sure about how to better use your land, try leasing it to an experienced farmer who will grow and farm while helping you to raise some income in the process.

My big old house new accommodation sapce now

How do I put redundant land to use?

Experiment on the following as you prepare to make money from your land

  • In the case of utilizing land for farming, it is very helpful to set up infrastructure like equipment say tractors to help with the big loads of work. It is also important to fence your land.
  • For a big farm, it would be good to hire workers that will help to perform the different tasks on the farm. For example planning, actuall casual work , some looking after animals while others take care of the plants and the marketing.
  • Research about those crops that will bring you more money. Farm exchange visits may give you good research results as you will be able to tell which crops are on high market demand and may be mature after a short period of time an example here may be of fresh vegetables. From the research, it is also important to come up with an action plan for your farm
  • Note that the selling price of your harvested crops and animals should be higher than the cost prices. The price should be inclusive of the input costs as well as then investment costs. Prices are often dependent on the market; hence ensure to make a profit off any sales that you make from the farm.
  • Lease your land to people or a farming company that can put it to better use for it to give you more incomes. These will do regular developments on the land as you make money at the same time.

How can I make money out of my Land?

Ways to make money out of your land

  1. Start up a bed and breakfast facility on your land

If you have a building with some rooms on your land, you can easily convert them into a bed and breakfast facility for people as you charge a fee for them to use the service. This can be handy especially for people who travel often or do field work activities away from the towns. A little furnishing of the rooms of the old house on your land will help to bring you some incomes every now and then. Some people may just decide to take a holiday hence may need to use these rooms yet paying which gets some money into your pockets.

Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast

  1. Grow Flowers for sale

As another of putting your land to use yet benefiting from the proceeds, use part of this land to grow flowers, these may be grown inform of nurseries to provide plantlets to those that want to grow flowers or as for sale to the florists or even directly to the other people that may need these flowers for their different occasions and decorations taking an example of dried confetti and the like.


My flower garden

My flower garden

My flower collection

My flower collection

  1. Reserve space for a wedding venue

Make part of your land ready and beautiful for a wedding venue. This can be rented out on an number of wedding occasions to bring you some money every time the place is rented out. You may have the toilets or rather let the event managers make arrangements for mobile toilets for the comfort of your clients’ guests. You could use the same opportunity to offer catering services as an additional service for those renting the wedding venue or rather also have separate hiring of the same.

  1. Grow specialty Mushrooms

Mushrooms usually take a short time to grow yet are on high demand from the restaurants the can place orders. You may choose to grow those mushrooms that are medicinal; these will bring you more money as they are more demanded for than any other kind. Within 15 weeks usually, you are able to harvest mushrooms and their yield is usually high. Orders are often made before the harvest is done since mushrooms are also perishables.







  1. Market street or garage sale

You may host weekly or monthly swap meetings for a fee by renting the venue of taxing the space users with a certain fee. Some people would like to sell off some items like furniture or some people may just have old stuff for exchange for other items during these swap meets. You may offer other innovative money making services by selling refreshments during those days.


  1. Make a camping site on part of your land

Convert part of your field into a campsite. Select leveled areas of your land for this to help the campers put up their tents with much more ease. Put up a simple shower and toilet and if it is a place next to a tourist area, then consider electrifying the campsite facilities .You may have the campsite very basic but it will contribute towards your incomes.

My camping experience

My camping experience

  1. Breed Dogs

All you need is to set up a few kennel structures on your land to enable you start breeding dogs that will bring income after some time. It is important to breed the unique kind of dogs that will attract many people to buy thus making extra money for you them being a special breed.


  1. Fish Farming

For vast land near by water bodies, it would be nice to try out fish farming as you can use part of your land nearer to the water source to set up fish ponds to help you keep the fish. These may be for enjoyment where people will involve in catch and release. It could also be a fish and pay so that as one catches the fish, they as well pay for it for takes. A canteen around the fishing ponds selling refreshments and snacks will also make you some extra money.

  1. Bee Hives

You may use part of your land to keep bees for honey as many people like it. This will bring you some money. By setting up these bee hives, you also assist with processes of pollination as one of the processes of nature.

 10. Rent out your land to Telecommunication antennas or Solar Panels

Telecommunication and internet companies often look for land on high points for raising their masks for good network connections. By renting out some of your land for them to erect antennas and masts. This may bring you good sums of money. Solar panels may also be raised on your land to connect to national grid. From this, you may have free power offers yet being paid for raising the antennas on your land.

Telecommunication mast Solar Panel