Who are Uganda’s Top 10 Djs?

Uganda’s Top Deejays

Who are Uganda’s Top 10 Deejays?

Considering the stiffness and growth of the entertainment industry in Uganda, the competition is not only left for the musicians but also the Disc jockeys. The Djs are also becoming more and more competitive today that some of these have taken steps into working as groups. Looking at group Djs like Ultimate Djs,  House of DJs and Platinum Djs, the deejaying talent is growing day by day as many efforts are being pulled together to lift up these people especially within the entertainment industry. This is also being spearheaded by those we call superstars at Deejaying in Uganda. Identifying and selecting the best Dj in Uganda might be rather a hard task as different people have different tastes and preferences. The different Djs are also good at specific kinds of music.

As long as a DJ masters and knows how to blend his music well, and looking at the music trends today and of course over the years, those Djs good at live mixes would surely rank in top positions. I watched a movie and the principle that the young man trying to develop his DJ career uses, surely left me amazed. It requires one to play and mix music in relation to a human’s heat beat. The more you increase the speed to about 120 beats per minute, then you can be sure of capturing some’s musical soul to keep them on their feet all the way.

Looking at Uganda’s top Deejays, let’s take a look at the top ten for now.

  1. DJ Baby Love.

Baby love often goes by the slogan that they can do it but just not like he does it. He has learned how to make crowds comfortable with his Dj art as he effortlessly rotates hits on turn tables. He is also known as a scratching wizard as he vigorously scratches out a particular track into another flowing easily. Mastering his craft, Dj Baby love has been dejaying for about 6 years now. You will find him at the Link in Wandegeya on a daily basis , the CEO of Young Blood Entertainment and Promotions Director for Inspire your Dream Talent Show. He is the DVJ at Guvnor, and NTV as well as at Agenoir/AngeMystique.He is known for promoting, remixing and playing people’s music.

Dj Baby love

  1. DJ Nimrod

DJ Nimrod hails from Mbarara.He has attained his experience from both radio and club deejaying for about 15 years now, since the year 2000.He is the general Manager at Neem Nimrod and good at having the latest music, video,  mixtapes and events.  His genre of specialization ranges from dance, Hip Hop, Old Skool, Disco, Mashups and Videos. Apart from playing to entertain is fans, DJ Nimrod also plays at Club Amnesia and Galaxy FM.He also does some work to do with relationship counseling.


8.DJ Bryan

He claims to have started music since the age of 5.He started developing his deejaying passion in school which has gone on until today. He does not hope for it to end any time soon. He plays for club Guvnor and NTV.

  1. DJ Karo

Dj KaroA female in a male dominated profession, music is Karo’s therapy.She is known for her regular music as the Friday Playlist Guru. She is into mix taping with a deep passion for music. She does lots of mixing every Friday just to kick start your weekend. She has hit many high profile events like the Radio shake down, Samsung Twitter party and the FNL finals. She has proved herself to be a turntable goddess.


  1. DJ Mark

As one of the youngest stars in the Deejaying industry, DJ Mark plays the live Hit Maker show at NBS every Saturday morning. He has won over most of his funs over the years mainly for being good at live mixes.As a DJ, Mark has been nominated in the Best Teeniez awards as the Best Teeniez Wickedest DJ.He formally  also played at the then known Steak out Kampala.

  1. DJ Roger and DJ Slick Stuart.

This super duo has taken the deejaying game to another level. They are the only known DJ duo in Uganda. The duo has been able to captivate their followers through their ability to do live mix of all sorts of music.Roger Kitaka also known as DJ Roja started playing from skylark pub from where he joined club Rouge as a resident DJ in 2010.He became even more popular in 2013 when he was nominated in Best Teeniez Wickedest DJ category in Buzz Teeniez awards. His mate DJ Slick was inspired by his father who owned a disco, where he joined the DJ profession in 2011.They have also played on big events such as those organized by Nile Breweries, Pepsi Buzz events and many others.

Dj Roja & Slick Stuart

  1. Mister Deejay.

He is the host of a catchy show on Radio City and Plays at Route256.A renowned turntable star who also uses scratch live applications. He has been recognized as one of the top 10 On-Line African radio presenters by channel O TV as well as featuring on big stages such as that for the big brother house. He is such a fast talking Dj.

3.DJ Aludah.

Dj Aludah

DJ Aludah

Most of you know him from club Amnesia and Radio City FM.He likes to have his fun and also extend the same to his funs through a mixer and 2 turn tables. Starting from a humble background from Sax Hotel in Najjanankumbi together with his brother John Smart, DJ Aludah moved to Kenya for some month from where he returned in 2009 to resume his Profession which has seen him also win recognitions such as that by Channel O TV as one among Africa’s leading Deejays.

  1. DJ Andy Skillz.

Young as he is, DJ Andy has been able to keep crowds by his capacity to blend and mix all genres of music. Within the city, he has taken over several European, Indian and Cooperate parties that usually come with massive crowds whom he has retained as his funs.His game at Indian parties actually got him a deal with Sudhir; who signed him. Through his connections and being a music promoter, many artists have been able to benefit from his help to perform in the diaspora.Other than that, DJ Andy Skillz is also the official DJ for the Speke Hotel, Soul Disco, Kololo gardens, Centenary Bank and the St Lawrence schools.

1.DJ Shiru.

DJ Shiru

For over the years, Shiru has been up at his game. Everybody in the 21st century literally knows him. Being one of the first Deejays to play for International artists in Uganda, DJ Shiru started this work when he was 17 years old carrying on from his brother Rota who was one of the first and  famous DJs.He has worked on several collabos and produced these with a number of artists as well as scooped plenty of prestigious awards.