Night Clubs in Uganda

What happens in Night clubs in Uganda?

Uganda night clubs are always busy all through out the week, Ugandans love having fun and they can spend any amount of money for hanging out or club. All bars are open till morning.Kampala in the night is such a craze city with all clubs open and playing different music to its funs. One thing you are assured of in club is that you will get friends even if you intend to come alone. Ugandans are simple people and friendly, bouncers are in all corners to provide security and keep peace. Means of transport is accessible at night; these include taxi hire and boda bodas as well. A nightclub is a place full of entertainment including dancing and the DJ playing the music. Enjoy the discotheque at any day of the week.

A Directory to Night Clubs and Discotheques in Uganda

American Recreation    Association (ARA)
Plot 59 Makindye Hill Road,
Tel   041- 510290
Mob 077- 767033
Email:  ara@africaonline co ug

Ange Noir/Ange Mystique
Plot 77A 1st Street Industrial Area
Box 10977, Kampala
Tel        041 230190, 041 231027
Email angenoir@emailaccount com
Web   www angenoir co uk

Club Silk Ltd
1st Street Industrial Area
Box 12635, Kampala
Tel        041 250907, 041 245362
Fax       041 3345372
Mob      077 472340, 075200606
Email    silk@clubsilk co ug
Web    www clubsilk co ug

Club Zest
Makerere Hill Road, Next Chez Johnson Hotel, Nakulabye
Tel     039 840035
Mob  077 871495

Jinja Club
17/29 Nile Crescent
P O Box 687, Jinja
Tel       120169

Kabira Country Club Limited
Plot 63 Old Kiira Road
Box 3673, Kampala
Tel:       041-227222, 041-227225
Fax:     041-227226
E-mail:kabiracountryclub@kabiracountryclub com
website: www kabiracountryclub com

Motel Annex
4 Arua Hill Road
P O  Box 45, Arua
Mob     077 514182, 077 515128

Naguru Deluxe
Naguru Market
Mob:    077-847114

Rouge Lounge
Plot 2B Jinja Road
Tel    071- 707687

Sombreros Discotheque
Plot 2A, Spring Road
P  O  Box 224, Jinja
Tel:       077 404329, 077 535316

The Nook Club
15 Cooper Road, Kisementi
P O Box 6177, Kampala
Tel         344037
Fax         345907

Vogue Discotheque
Entebbe Road, Nkumba
P  O  Box 229, Entebbe
Tel:      077 501018

Night clubs are found in all countries although some have limited time for people to be out. People work so hard and at the end of the week, they may love to go out and have a blast. It’s one place that will relax you and make you forget all about your worries for that time when you are there. Night discos have all kinds of entertainment so you decide on where to go. Try visiting these night clubs and see how people have fun, these places are fully packed on weekends.

Nightclubs start their thing when it’s a bit late; the darkness is beautified by the dim lights of different colors. All kind of music is played and the main aspect on ground is dancing, people shark their bones until its morning. That is the time when people will be going to home to rest.

What do people do in night cubs in Uganda?

Some people go to nightclubs to drink; they will sit just close to the bar and drink while listening to music. Others drink as they are dancing and all they do is to stock beers as they empty them. A night in the club is such a crazy moment, people plan way back as the week starts on which places they visit and what event is there anyway. Nightclubs are quite different from other places like restuarants, inns and pubs. These have all kinds of alcohol but not happening as clubs. Night clubs are in their own categories.

The best way to describe a club is that it has a dancing floor set and a small place for the DJ to do his thing. That is why it’s different from taverns and bars. Night clubs are so interesting because they are at times based on themes, for example the music played may be rock on every thurday, dancehall and hip-hop on other days. This is to attract lovers of different music to come and have fun; it’s another way for nightclubs to make money all through the week.

Night clubs are designed in different ways, the ambiance and lighting may be quite unique from the rest of other clubs. The high class night clubs have mirrors all over the place with excellent lighting, smokers are also catered for. The use of lights is to give comfort to the funs and give them the right mood to enjoy themselves without anyone spotting them easily. When disco lights are on, it becomes easy for people to groove.

Night clubs also have rules and regulation they follow depending on the country. Some clubs may allow only aged people and yet some others don’t mind about the age group. Drinking may be restricted to only 1 or 2 bottles when done you go home, Some night clubs open for a reason, for instance if there is an event and if not they will be closed.

The way these night clubs are built is so amazing, the sound is just contained within the building giving peace to the neighboring people. Do some research if you think am lieing, they are built with no windows but have air conditioners to keep the place cool. The flashing lights and intensive music will be within the room. Ambiance of the club is like a charm, it attracts many people

Nightclubs are so exciting but with disadvantages, so many fights and accidents take place at these clubs. Due to over drinking, people make accidents. There should be measures put in place to curd down this incidences, every night club must have security guards to keep law and order. People shouldn’t be allowed in with dangerous gadgets.