Uganda Entertainment and Recreation

Just like other peaceful African Countries, Uganda’s entertainment business enterprise is the most booming business in the country today. Ugandan people enjoy having fun at the end of a  days hard work and visit an entertainment place for at least two hours.  Uganda’s night life is characterized by music, and happy people winning and dancing to the good beats. Music and dancing is regarded as regular as breathing, so when visiting Uganda, have a feel of all this fun. Listed below are some of the places and dance groups I have visited on many occasions and have had fun places that you will surely enjoy yourself.

In Kampala -the capital and other towns within Uganda, Discos are an very day event, with Club Silk and Angenoir as the head dance halls. Most of the disco halls operate daily while others have particular days of operation, although from Friday to Sunday they are all in full operation. Their music style varies from one night to another ranging from: House Reggae, Western music, Caribbean and African. It is quite happening all through the night leaving no hotel unaffected.For that reason it necessitates that one becomes outgoing and a dancer as well. Fortunately, the music is played at controllable volumes not to affect others engaging in other forms of activities.

For those who are not comfortable with communal dancing, the manager of that entertainment-place will make all entertainment arrangement such as African traditional dances or Karaoke dependent on the type of music you enjoy.Entertainment not only stops in Kampala but stretches out to other towns within the country. In Mbarara for instance, there are numerous leisure places such as Vision Empire Discotheque. And for those heading for gorilla tracking in the Bwindi should not miss out on ‘Earthquake’, ‘Match and Mix’ which are the most happening places in Kabale town. Feel free to ask any one for directions to these places. In fort portal town is Heartbeat Discotheque in the heart of the town locates in the basement of aa new hotel, and for those who are not in favor of the loud thunderous music, you can proceed upstairs for lower tone and slower music.

Ugandan musicians not only entertain their visitors in discotheques but in a variety of places spread out through the country. Each Ugandan tribe has its own group of cultural/traditional singers and dancers who present every weekend at a very affordable price. So you can not enjoy Uganda’s traditions without traveling upcountry to see these groups performing. In most of the entertainment places in Uganda, there is food usually served which includes, pork, roasted goat in addition to other dishes served basing on one’s taste and preference. Fortunately these places are located close to hotels to accommodate you. For that reason, the next time you visit Uganda, don’t only limit yourself in Kampala ass there are equally good entertainment places upcountry.

To conclude, despite the fact that Ugandan enjoy working at usually overwork themselves, they usually have some extra time to spare after work in the evenings or over the weekends just to enjoy themselves. For that reason, never convince yourself that Ugandan people are workaholics who never spare time for leisure.
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