Smart Watches in Uganda

Smart watches in Uganda

Just like the trend is today anywhere else in the world, everything seems to be a smart gadget and so are the watches.

Apps run by a smart watch My samsung Gear S

What is a smart watch?

A smart watch may be referred to as a computerized wrist watch but with other functionalities that go beyond just the time keeping. It is usually digital and often a wearable activity tracker. Smart watches today are being categorized as quite new electronics within the market clearly mainstreamed on their own. A smart watch is a device that one usually connects to another smart device often via Bluetooth. Over the few years that smart watches have been here, they have also kept on revolving varying from different manufacturing companies to the different functions that can be performed by the different produced series of these smart watches.

Sonny smart watch The fa,ous apple watch

How do smart watches work?

The early models of smart watches play simpler functions such as game playing, calculations, translations and are simply wearable computers. However with the evolution today, many other smart watches can even run mobile apps.They also run on operating systems such as the iOS and goggle’s android wear operating system which is specifically for wearable devices. Makers like LG, Samsung, Motorola, and companies like pebble and Martian not forgetting the apple watch that also arrived on the market at the beginning of 2015.Smart watches were designed to work on wireless connections to a mobile device most cases a smart phone. Connectivity of a smart watch to your mobile device requires that you download the application on your phone , from which you are able to connect the two devices usually via Bluetooth.Smart watches have often been used to help one regulate the activity on their phone while using a wireless kind of connection. It will give you notifications on incoming calls, text and instant messages, any social network updates, and others. You are able to change, forward, and play music your phone but instructing it from the smart watch. All smart watches are compatible to android, iOS or even both for some few makes like the Cookoo and the Metawatch.
The latest and newer models of these smart watches, such as the Samsung Gear s have been noted to stand alone in performing such similar functions even without any connectivity to any mobile device. It may as well be referred to as a smart phone o its own,
Looking at the different models and releases, these smart watches have advantages over themselves for several unique elements that each of them may possess.

How do I know the best smart watch before choosing to buy one?

Many a times best different from person to person as even the interests will vary from one person to the other. It all depends on the preferences of the buyer really. Some of the following cases may be a basis for one to buy any smart device; for example, a device being water resistant, having a breakable/ glass or just a scratch resistant screen. Whereas some people buy any latest models from any manufacturer on market, others are always loyal to specific manufacturers also. Other preferences may as well be based on the user friendliness of say the operating system of any device.
The ranking and competing makers of smart watches today have mainly been Samsung, LG, apple, pebble, Motorola and sonny.
Just looking at a few reviews for some of the trending smart watches, your needs might help you help you define which smart watch you will buy.

What are the smart watch ratings and reviews?

You may want to consider the following from the top ten smart watches that have been reviewed. One may prefer some functions to the others, style, or even just the usability.
• The best smart watch. Sonny smart watch 3 has been rated the best smart watch so far as it has an inbuilt GPS which allows you to move far away from your phone but still stay connected. It uses android and can also pair with your headsets as you move around and about. It may cost you close to about 249 dollars.
• The apple watch. It is rated best for the manufacturer’s operating system iOS. It is quite costly at $348, with no inbuilt GPS and not the best for sports needs. You may however like it because it comes in two sizes, that is to say 38 and 42 mm, and one smart watch that has been made in a unisex style
• Low budget .The Omate Racer is a perfect smart watch if you are looking at a low budget. It costs about $ 129 only. The Racer is not such a fancy smart watch as it may only be able to perform what you call the basic functions of telling the time and also giving you the real time notifications from your phone. It works with both the apple and Google operating system devices. However, looking at budget issues and simplified smart watch functions, you may also want to consider paying just a little more to acquire the original moto 360, Samsung Gear live or the LG G watch.
• Old time tech freaks. The pebble time still stands as one of the very first smart watches manufactured. It is sold at a good price of about 199 dollars with quite a lasting battery life of seven days. It is compatible to both android and iphone with both its software and hardware being upgraded.


Pebble time stell for the best battery life
• Battery life. The Pebble time steel is a smart watch that feels more like a normal regular watch. Its battery life has been proved to be the best so far that goes for 10 days. Its goodness is worth the $ 299 that it is sold at.Garmini Vivoactive for your sports needs
• Sports fitness needs. The Garmin vivoactive is the smart watch for you. You will track all your sports activity on your wrist with all notifications you need. It’s well built with trackers for swimming, jogging, running, cycling, golf, mention it. It is the ideal everyday wearable smart device fitted for all your fitness requirements.

Urbane for style
• Stylish smart watch. If you are looking for the best smart watch for style then it will be the LG watch Urbane. The urbane is a smart watch that looks more like the old traditional wrist watches. It however has very good leather straps looking much more fashionable and more ideal for the female fanatics. It might only defer in its newer version of the classic Urbane LTE which is more premium with extra physical buttons. The costs here range between $ 349 and may go as far as $1200 for the premium version.
• Vast options. Looking for the best display, the Samsung Gear S got you. Its 2inch super display is the best you will find any smart watch. It is boosted by the GPS function and can run over 1000 apps on top of being able to run without a phone or SIM card.
• Stand alone. On top of the already mentioned stand alone smart watches, the KeldD can perform for you the same functions.
• My choice. Not because I am a Samsung die hard, but the Samsung Gear S is the winner. Its chief rival ……………cannot perform even half of the functions it does. It is so far the only stand alone smart watch been made so far.

The moto 360
Where can I buy a smart watch in Kampala, Uganda?
With the increasing completion on any tech devices around Kampala, it will be good for one to buy from an authorized product dealer. Many Samsung dealers in Kampala say on Jinja road, Forest mall, and Kampala road will all have genuine smart watches if Samsung comes out to be your best choice. Others have often preferred other manufacturers such as sonny, Motorola or apple. The choice remains yours as long as you buy from an authorized dealer of your manufacturer.
With the tech movement today, many are opting to buy the smart watches online using electronic transfer payment systems.