Smart Phones in Uganda

What is a smart phone?

A smart phone could be referred to as a high tech mobile operating system .A smart phone often combines feature of a cell phone as well as other popular mobile devices such as the Personal digital assistant (PDA), the GPS navigation unit and the media player.

What can a smart phone do?How do I use a smart phone?

smart phone

A smart phone is usually designed as a luxurious and high tech device to ease life.You can do lots while on the go with your smart phone.With a touch screen interface, smart phones are able to run downloaded applications, and have good definition cameras.
With such functions, smart phones are also able to use high speed mobile broadband 4G LTE internet, have motion sensors and a number of mobile payment mechanisms.

How is a smart phone different from a cell phone?

Cell phones are meant to call and do not perform much more other than that.A smart phone however has additional features other than letting you make telephone calls.You will be able to read and send email, edit office documents on a smart phone unlike with a cell phone.

What is the history and evolution of smart Phones?

There were cell phones that could perform calling functions and nothing else big.The Personal Digital assistants (PDAs) on the other hand would be used as personal organizers.They could also be synchronized with your computer to perform functions such as setting up a to do list and storage for your contact information.As time moved, the cell phones got the messaging function and PDAs gained connectivity to wireless internet as well as other cellular features.This enabled them to  perform functions such as reading and sending emails.The cell phones then were made with more PDA features also similar to computer features which eventually resulted into what is referred to as a smart phone today.

What are some of the key features of a smart phone in Uganda?

The operating system.This is what usually helps to run the downloaded applications on a smart phone.Examples of operating systems include,IOS for the apple phones, android for most of the sumsung, htc, LG, techno and other phones,the blackberry run the Blackberry OS,HPs use the WebOS, and Microsoft for the windows phones.

iPhone_apps interface
Applications. With these on your smart phone, you have the liberty to organize and arrange all content on your phone just your way.For example, you will use the maps to get yourself to places, edit documents on your phone as well as contacts.

smart phone functions
Web access.You will be able to browse the internet at higher speeds on a smart phone.With the evolution of the 3G and 4G LTE as well as wireless internet connections, its always a whole new experience with a smart phone.
Querty key board. A smart phone will have a key board similar to what your computer s and layout .You will be able to use the touch screen to message ,send images as well as swipe away.
Messaging.You will be able to send and receive text messages, voice recording, and images with a smart phone.This usually happens with the synch function as it may relate to your phone contacts or email.Some of the messaging functions include, Whats app, Facebook messenger,CHAT on, yahoo messenger, Skype,to mention but a few.

Where can I find smart phone in Uganda?

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Smart phones in Uganda are no the popular Samsung and iphone,however the Chinese has flooded the market with smart phones performing just as the big brands.They cost almost 20-30% of the latter price.This is very pocket friendly to the middle class Ugandans who make the majority of the populations.
You will however find smart phones in all shops that deal in electronics in Uganda.All telecommunication companies have smart phones in their shops .For example, MTN Uganda ,Airtel Uganda, Africell previously known as orange, Uganda telecom and many others.These can however be locked or unlocked phones for your information.Pay attention to the terms and conditions in line with the attached value and cost price for each smart phone.
Other smart phone dealers are the big known brands such as Samsung, you will find any Samsung shops along Kampala road, forest mall along Lugogo by pass and acacia mall around Kisementi. Apple stores are also located in a number of places like acacia mall, telecommunications authorized dealers.These are quite few though.Techno has also put up a number of shops around Kampala where you can get a smart phone of your choice and within your budget.
Simba telecom has continued to be an outstanding phone dealer in Uganda.They have their main shop along Kampala Road on king Fahd plaza and others in Lugogo, forest mall.They definitely have smart phones at simba telecom at super prices that you can berry

Where can I find used genuine smart phones in Uganda?

A number of dealers in use smart phones are located everywhere and about in Kampala.Most of these do online marketing and sales especially on social media such as Facebook ,whats app within their networks and online auctioning platforms.They often buy the used smart phones from UK and USA.Most of these also have shops in mutaasa Kafeero plaza.However, be sure that you trust the person from whom you buy the smart phone from around the mutaasa kafeero plaza.
Many people in Uganda are also using their visa credit and debit cards to purchase smart phones from online and authentic sites like amazon and ebay.

Read as many reviews as possible both for the smart phone you intend to buy as well as the person or dealers from whom you are trying to buy a smart phone.