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Uganda electronics, where to buy them

Many of us fume over anything fake!! We feel cheated and not valued for, but when it comes to electronics the disappointment is really huge and life-threatening as the use of counterfeit electronic products pose a risk of accidents like electric shocks which may results in fire outbreaks. It is so heartbreaking to buy an electronic of a perceived brand only to find that it is actually a duplicate and this is very common for household appliances like rice cookers, kettles, extension cables, water heaters and adopters. Electronic equipments are needed in our everyday lives for entertainment, communication, office work, home chores and there is no way of avoiding them. Judging from our lifestyles, some of these gadgets are now necessities that we can’t live out.

What you need to know before purchasing any electronic product in Uganda.

Most of the electronics used in Uganda are imported from China, Japan, UK, USA, and some are assembled from within the country. These come in different brands like Sony, Samsung, LG, Apple, Panasonic, Philips, Hisense…the list is endless. We all have different tastes and preferences thereby perceiving some brands to be better than others according to personal experiences and expectations and that’s what we exactly look for when it comes to purchase of a particular electronic. Some electronics sold in Uganda are second hand products that have been gently used in developed countries and are still in good working condition. The decision to either buy a brand new or second hand item is always made by you the buyer and every choice made has its benefits and costs.

Second hand electronics or new ones?

Buying a second hand gadget usually goes for half the original price thus saving some money for something else. Nevertheless, it is important to pay attention to the condition of the product to ensure that it doesn’t get ruined in the nearest future. Brand new electronics maybe more expensive but come with warranty and a secure lifespan of about four years depending on the item, which isn’t the case for second hand products.

It is always very important to think through before deciding to purchase any electronic item to avoid regrets whether it is new or second hand. Your budget should be the first thing to look at before deciding to make a purchase. You wouldn’t want to buy something which will get spoilt anytime soon. For that reason, give priority to the quality of electronics as superior quality products last longer.

Where to buy electronics in Uganda.

Electronics can either be bought from online malls or physical stores in town. With this rapidly changing world, online shopping is inevitable. Many people are tired of looking for parking space, wasting time in long lines and so order for products online because it is secure, fast and you are able to compare prices of different sellers within no time. Just like not all that glitters is gold, online shopping too comes with its risks and therefore care must be taken before purchasing electronics online. There are chances of losing your money and your identity being stolen when you purchase from a fake website.

Tips on making online purchases.

Buy from reputable websites. Avoid searching everywhere on the internet for more favorable offers as this can lead you to unreliable sites. Only go in for websites whose addresses start with https meaning that information shared on the website is only between you and the website you are connected to. This protects you from being a target of identity fraud.

Check the website’s return or refund policy. The website’s return/refund policy should be YES so that if the product purchased is damaged, you are able to return it or ask for a refund of your money.

Refrain from sharing a lot of personal information. Some personal information is not necessary for doing online business, such as, date of birth, next of keen name and contacts, social security number. If any site asks for such information, stay away from it for its not genuine and instead wants to steal your information.

Most online shopping websites in Uganda use cash or mobile money payments so there is need to worry about releasing your bank information to unknown people. Below is a list of known and reputable websites (in no particular order) where you can buy electronics online from anywhere in the world.


Security: https encryption

Payment methods: MasterCard, Visa, Paypal, mobile money and cash

Return/refund policy: Yes

Office: Muteesa II Rd, Plot 112, Ntinda, Kampala-Uganda.




Security: https encryption

Payment methods: MasterCard, Visa, mobile money and cash

Return/refund policy: Yes

Office: Oasis Mall basement, Yusuf Lule Road


Security: No https encryption

Payment methods: MasterCard, Visa, mobile money and cash

Return/refund policy: Yes

Office: Outbox, 4th Floor, Soliz house, Lumumba Avenue

Nile Cargo

Security: No https encryption

Payment methods: Cash

Return/refund policy: No

Office: Nile Cargo Uganda, Ltd. Bakuli House, Plot 17 Hoima Road, Bakuli

The following are not used for international shopping, they are local shopping websites.


Security: https encryption

Payment methods: Mobile money and cash on delivery

Return/refund policy: Yes

Office: Luwum Street


Security: No https encryption

Payment methods: Cash on delivery and Mobile money

Return/refund policy: Yes

Office: Naguru

If you are not comfortable buying your electronics online, there are stores around town that sell a variety of electronics. As mentioned earlier, precaution must be taken to avoid taking a fake product home although it is sometimes not easy to differentiate an original product from a fake one. Always follow your heart and avoid being sweet talked by the seller to buy a certain product.



Real System (U) Ltd

Electronics Store, Cham Towers.

0704 904 603

Royal Electronics

Electronics store, Kampala Rd

041 4250 478

Saachi Electronics

Electronics store, Luwum street

0750 777 413

Modern Electronics Ltd.

Electronics Store, Hotel Equatorial, Bombo Rd, Opp Watoto Church

041 4232 328

LG Appliance World

Electronics Store, Mulwana Rd

0771 936 986


A few years ago, people only thought that electronics needed to be bought from only retail stores where customers could have the opportunity to test them and get familiar with the different products. Long such days are gone! The new frenzy is online purchases and this passes for electronics as well.
Electronic stores and the internet give you the opportunity to make your shopping conveniently at the different online stores and the chance to discover different products as soon as they are released. People can actually buy electronic gadgets without testing them-often purchases are accompanied by incredible offers and discounts on reconditioned items.
There are many advantages that accrue on online electronics purchases that consumers do not enjoy from the physical retail stores. With many online stores dealing in electronics and gadget, a customer has the chance to visit the different stores and compare the quality of products. Some websites include complete guide or demonstration to product specifications such as features, prices and shipment policy.

What precautions should I take before buying electronics in Uganda?

Before you purchase any product, you have to look for the cheapest price.
Uganda electronics quality products are  always sold in online stores and these come at affordable prices and sometimes with discounts and special offers for seasonal purchase. Latest electronic gadgets such as home theatres, play stations, Androids, MP3 players, portable laptops and kitchen equipment can all be found on the internet stores. As long as you are looking at the right store, you can get these items and more. However, always ask for warranty on each and every gadget bought online. Some items will need to be recalled in case of faulty parts. You can ask about such queries and many others.

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Different websites have distinct security policy when it comes to credit cards and other payment terms. Before making any purchase, read the security policy well and ask previous customers about the credibility of the website on such issues. Any manufacturer should have a physical address where you can reach them as well as telephone contact. In case of problems you know where to find them and take legal action if possible.
Read any product reviews before you make any purchase. Many online purchases require that you get a vote of confidence from a previous buyer before placing your order. You’ll find reviews on the website or by participating in discussion forums on electronics and gadgets. There is more you’ll discover about the product, how to use and the possible problem you can encounter during its use!