Universities in Uganda, Directory Listing

How is higher level education conducted in Uganda;Universities,research?

A university is an organization of higher education as well as research. It awards academic degrees in various subjects such as medicine, psychology, Tourism, Social sciences, mass communication and many others. A university is a firm that provides both undergraduate and postgraduate education. It’s also referred to as a community of lecturers and scholars and the education given is in the form of a lecture. Its also known as academic freedom, scholars are allowed to do as they please and at any time. There is no supervision rather it all depends on an individual and his ability to learn. The university has a board headed by a chancellor, vice chancellor, and deans of various facilities. Public university is that run by the government and an example is Makerere while private is funded and independent

A listing for Universities in Uganda;Location,and Address

Gulu University (Kampala Office)

UMA Show Ground – Lugogo Kampala Kampala


Kampala International University (Arua Regional Office)

Arua Arua

0476-422103, 077-2647951

Kampala International University (Mbarara Regional Office)

Mbarara Mbarara

038-2275262, 077-2479066

Kampala International University

Ggaba Road Kansanga 20000,Kampala Kampala

041-4266813, 041-4267634

Bishop Stuart University

150 Buremba Road Kashari Block 4, Kakoba Hill 9,Mbarara Mbarara

0485-422970, 0485-433468, 0485-433222

Kampala International University (Bushenyi)

71,Bushenyi Bushenyi

070-3271317, 075-1097376

Kyambogo University

Kyambogo 1,Kyambogo Kyambogo

041-4285584, 041-4286237, 041-4285001

Kampala International University (Kabale Regional Office)

Kabale Kabale

077-2889017, 038-2275995

Nkumba University

Entebbe Road 237,Entebbe Entebbe

041-4374994, 041-4374288

Fairland University

39 Muvule Cresent 2010,Jinja Jinja

043-4122577, 077-2500801

St. Lawrence University (SLAU)

24930,Kampala Kampala

077-5491331, 077-4174171/2/3

Kyambogo University (Office of the Academic Registrar)

Kyambogo 1,Kyambogo Kyambogo

041-4286237/8, 041-4285001

Kyambogo University (Office of the Academic Registrar)

Kyambogo 1,Kyambogo Kyambogo

041-4286237/8, 041-4285001

Kampala International University (Masaka Regional Office)

Masaka Masaka

038-2277030, 075-2636078

Gulu University (Office of The Academic Registrar)

166,Gulu Gulu


Lugazi University

310,Lugazi Lugazi

041-4379528, 041-4379524

Makerere University Business School (MUBS)

M118 Port Bell Road Nakawa 1337,Kampala Kampala

041-4338120, 041-4222903

Kampala International University (Fortportal Regional Office)

Fort Portal Fort Portal

038-2276311, 071-2180064

Uganda Christian University (UCU)

Mukono 4,Mukono Mukono

041-4290828, 031-2350831

Ndejje University

151 Balintuma Road Mengo 7088,Kampala Kampala

041-4270438, 039-2730321, 041-4533122

Kampala International University (Tororo Regional Office)

Tororo Tororo

077-2434396, 078-2226696, 035-2277575

Cavendish University Uganda

81 Bombo Road 33145,Kampala Kampala

041-4531700, 071-1360694

The Uganda Pentecostal University

16361,Kampala Kampala


Kumi University

178,Kumi Kumi

0772-441484, 039-2814925

The Aga Khan University

9/11 Muammar Gaddafi Road 8842,Kampala Kampala


The Uganda Pentecostal University

249,Fort Portal Fort Portal


Muteesa I Royal University

Mengo 14002,Mengo Mengo

041-7711069, 041-7711070

Gulu University

22 Upper Churchill Drive Gulu Municipality 166,Gulu Gulu


Mountains of the Moon University

837,Fort Portal Fort Portal

0483-422637, 0483-425770

Busitema University

Tororo – Jinja Road 236,Tororo Tororo

045-4448864, 045-4448842, 045-4448838

Kampala International University (Hoima Regional Office)

Hoima Hoima

036-2274547, 077-2438354

Uganda Martyrs University – Nkozi

Nkozi 5498,Mpigi Mpigi


Busoga University

35km Jinja-Iganda-Tororo/Mbale Highway CMS Educati 154,Iganga Iganga

043-4243175, 077-2382271, 077-2413484

Kabale University

317,Kabale Kabale

078-2860259, 078-2008903, 0864-426222

Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST)

8 – 18 Kabale Road 1410,Mbarara Mbarara


Bugema University

Gayaza – Zirobwe Road 6529,Wakiso Wakiso