Uganda Country Code 256, How to Call Uganda, Call Rates and Charges

Country Code  of Uganda is 256
MTN UGANDA +256 772 /782 /
UTL UGANDA +256712/
AIRTEL +256752/

About Country Codes
Countries in the world have different country codes, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has come up with a new strategy to develop standards in different countries including the numbering arrangement and this is because they have differing formats across the world.

Nonetheless, suggestions are approved by the ITU are not connecting  with some countries or member states, for instance Canada, United states and other countries attached to the NANP that gave a hand in this strategy. Australia is another destination that has not proceeded with the ITU’s suggestions. The importance of international numbering arrangement is to come up with country codes which may as well serve as area codes to symbolize regions or perhaps groups of nations.

Why all this is done is because the area codes help us to know how much we have used when making a call to a certain destination. Particular area codes within the country are cheap when making a call than those in other countries. When it comes to countries like Australia and United states, this rule may not apply because these are competitive countries.

Open As well as Closed Dialing Counties.

Open dialing codes usually are used when making outside calls or sometimes within, the arrangement is quite different from the usual. In case you want to make a call within the same location, the code may not be neccessary.All it takes is to dial the number direct. Many countries use this plan of open dailing, the closed is a bit scarce to find. This is usually done when the caller uses a length number or it’s accessible to all calls plus those of the some locality.