Uganda Mobile Phones,Sales,Services and Repair

Where are the Mobile Phone outlets in Uganda,sale ,prices for buying,servicing and repairs

Phones have evolved over time from a block phone to sleek smart phones. The first phone in Uganda was introduced in 1994 by celtel in December. By then the cost of owning and maintaining a phone was too high and the phones were owned by the most prestigious people in the country.

MTN then came into the picture in 1999 owning a phone became easy in 1999. After sometime other telecommunication companies came into the picture like Warid, UTL, and orange which made competition stiff and the services provided reduced prices.

The increase in the number of telecommunication companies in the country and this led to the increase of phones on the market and ever since the market has been evolving over time.

Usage of mobile phones in Uganda is regulated by the Uganda communications commission (UCC). UCC regulates the internet which can be accessed after paying OTT taxes to the government and it also regulates the different service providers of telecommunications in the country.

Types of phone in Uganda

There are two types of phones that are commonly used in Uganda and these are the telephone and mobile phone.

  • A mobile phone is also known as a cell phone and it is a portable medium that is used for communication. One can receive and make calls and they can move with it anywhere they want to go.

In order to use a mobile phone you need to recharge with airtime of the mobile network that you are using in order to be able to make calls. You can also access internet using a cell phone and use other services like whatsapp, Facebook and twitter for those who have smart phones.

  • A telephone is a medium of exchange used in communication but this is not portable. It is stationed in one place and it is majorly used in offices and homes.

Service providers

There are several companies that provide phone services in the country and they are listed below:

  • MTN, this has spent 20 years in Uganda and it provides phone services to the people in the country. They connect people after buying airtime and also sell different types of phones.
  • Airtel, this has evolved from Celtel, Zain to Airtel and it was the first in the country. They also sell different phones to people.
  • Orange is another company that provides phone services to the people in the country.

Brands of phones in Uganda

There are different brands of phones sold in Uganda and all these have different type of phones under them. These various brands are bought by different people due to one’s tastes and these brands are listed below.

  1. Nokia phones

These range from the first button phones to the smart phones that have taken over the world. The prices of these phones range from as low as 50,000 to one million shillings depending on the functions that the phone can carry out.

Examples of Nokia phones include the Nokia 3310, 105, 230 and the Nokia dual phone. Nokia phones can be bought in the different shops around Uganda but be aware of the fake Nokia phones being sold on the market.

  1. Samsung phones

This is another brand sold on the market and it also has different Samsung types of smart phones that are under it and some of them that are sold in Uganda are the samasung J series, the Samsung galaxy series and all these have different prices attached to them due to the different functions they have.

  1. The HTC brand

The HTC brand is also sold in Uganda although it is not as prominent as other brands but it has a good function system which makes it good for use.

  1. Hauwei

Hauwei is another brand of phones that is sold in the country and it can be bought in the different available phone shops in Uganda and their prices range according to the model you want to buy.

  1. Apple

This is the most expensive brand on the market and to get it mist people buy the second hand type since the first hand ones are way too expensive. They have a good memory system and can be bought at any shop around Kampala.

  1. Sony phone

Sony phones are also sold on the market but are a bit rare. They have a good and large storage memory system and their prices differ depending on the type of Sony phone you have bought and the different things that can be done using the phone.

  1. Infinix phone

Infinix is also sold in Uganda and it has several brands under it that is the infinix hot series that have a good camera and storage system. These are available in all infinix stores around the country.

With the many phones being sold in Uganda you are bound to get fake and original phones and in order for one to buy a good phone, they should put the following into consideration.

The amount of money you have

This is one of the determinants when purchasing a phone. There are various types of phones and these have different prices. You need to get a phone that fits into your allowances without causing a strain to your pockets.

The type of phone

You should consider the type of phone you want before purchasing. Since there are various types of phone on the market you need to make sure that you get the type of phone that suits your tastes and is easy to operate.

The storage

The storage capacity of a phone is too important when purchasing a phone. In this era most people use their phones for almost everything from doing work, taking photographs and recording videos. Therefore you need to get a phone that has enough memory to do all the tasks that you need without it crashing.

The battery of the phone

You should read reviews about the phone that you want to buy and find out whether the phone can hold battery for more than three days. When buying a phone, make sure the battery is in good working conditions.

The display on the phone

You do not want to buy a phone that has a display that is very minimal as this will spoil your eyes. You need to get a phone that has a large display of and size. A bigger display allows you to read and watch movies easily.

The phone should have the right brightness and it should have right color display that is not too bright and blinding.

The camera

The camera in this century is one of the most important things to consider when buying a phone in Uganda. Since people rarely go to studios to take photos, most of them use their phones to take a good photo and to make sure that your photo is as good as the current standards you need to consider a phone with a good mega pix camera.

The age of the phone

One needs to consider how old or new the model of the phone is. If you buy a phone that is too old it will stop working after a short time therefore you need to but that is relatively new or just a few months old to save on the money.

Research the phone type

Do the research about the company that is producing he phones and find out about their reputation. A good company phone will have the best recommendation both from the word of mouth and online. The research will help you get a good phone.

Advantages of using phones in Uganda

Phones are a medium of communication and this eases the communication process among people who are long distances away from each other.

Phone also help in the quick transferring money from one person or place to another reducing the stress of sending money.

They help in promoting business as you can advertise your business on the different online media platforms using your phone.

The sale of phones provides employment opportunities to the people selling them hence improving on their standards of living.

They also provide taxation to government of Uganda leading to the growth of the economy into the country.

Disadvantages of using phones in Uganda

Phones are socially disruptive and decrease the time spent with family and friends as everyone concentrates on their phones.

There is a constant spending on phones through airtime and data and this increases the daily expenses of a person.

Phones have increased cyber bullying and bad information like pornography and can cause moral degeneration of the people.

They are also dangerous in a way that they cause disease majorly to the brain if used for a long time without rest.

The phone business is booming at the moment in Uganda because everyone is opening up a phones’ shop and these phones are imported in to the country. You can either import your own or buy the phone around the many shops in Kampala.

Simba Telecom Ltd.

50 Kampala Road Simba Telecom Shop 9421,Kampala Kampala

031-2351500/527/537, 031-2105770

Cellular Service Logistics (U) Ltd.

13 Kampala Road Amadinda House 28430,Kampala Kampala

041-4234414, 031-2261417

MTN (U) Ltd.

22 Hannington Road MTN Towers 24624,Kampala Kampala

031-2212333, 031-2212444


29B Acacia Avenue 7420,Kampala Kampala

077-2511268, 070-3960041


Pilkington Road NIC Building 4th Floor 24497,Kampala Kampala



40 Wampewo Avenue Kololo 6771,Kampala Kampala


Transtel Ltd.

4 Muwesi Road Bugolobi Industrial Area 12034,Kampala Kampala


X-Tel Ltd.

13 Kampala Road Amadinda House 27192,Kampala Kampala

041-4344125, 041-4345410

Ugasung Electronics Ltd.

55 Kampala Road Opp. King Fahd Plaza 7753,Kampala Kampala

041-4222333, 031-2261890/1