Uganda Internet Service Providers (ISP)

Internet Service Providers;Who are the best internet service providers in Uganda?

The understanding of the types of the internet providers is not compulsory but by knowing them, you will be able to understand more about the advantages and the disadvantages of the services providers before purchasing any of it. There are 4 main internet service providers; DSL satellite provider, cable satellite provider, satellite internet services and the wireless internet access.

DSL or digital subscriber line is a type of a technology that connects the computer to the internet through the existing copper phone line wiring in an area. This connection is digital, hence you can use your phone while still connecting to the internet. It is 50 times faster than the normal dial up connection and is widely used in the internet world. It also offers more consistent bandwidth compared with the cable modems but it depends on the condition of the existing wiring in your area.

Cable service provider on the other hand is the fastest satellite provider among the rest. This cable connection is the same connection with the television cable. It is easily accessible if the area that you are living is covered by the major cable companies. By comparison, this type of connection is actually 70 times much faster than the dial up connection.

We often hear the terms of WiFi, wireless internet broadband and EV-DO. Those are the types of services under the wireless internet provider. It is 35 times much faster than the dial up connection and the easiest service to get since it is the most popular service right now. You can get direct access to any wireless internet services in your house, the hospitals, coffee shops or even in the libraries that have installed this service. This is a good satellite internet provider if you are a frequent traveler and always need an internet connection.

The most expensive service provider would be the satellite services. The only reason for you to subscribe the satellite satellite provider is that; if there is no other connection available in that area that you are staying. This could happen to a very remote area or a rural area that do not have cable or DSL connections. It is much faster than the dial up connection; therefore the subscribers do not take the price as a major obstacle for them to get connected to the cyber world.

Specialists and telecommunications internet service providers in Uganda

Orange Telecom

Plot 28 – 30 Clement Hill Road
P.O. Box 24144 Kampala

+256 79 0792 000 (reception)
+256 79 0000 100 (customer care)

Datanet Ltd.

Crested Towers Ground Floor 680,Kampala Kampala


Uganda Telecom Ltd. (UTL)

2 & 4A Nakasero Road Nakasero Rwenzori Courts 7171,Kampala Kampala

041-4333504, 041-4333301

INFOCOM (Let’s talk Internet)

26 Wampewo Avenue Bakwanye House 8373,Kampala Kampala


Jolis Intercom

22 Jinja Road Namanve Arkright III Estate 22930,Kampala Kampala

031-2280643, 041-4577227, 079-2567374

Silver Telecom & Computers Ltd.

Luwum Street Kizito Towers 31741,Kampala Kampala

041-4232474, 075-9494949

LSK IT Solution Ltd.

8 Kyagwe Road Kisozi Complex 16714,Kampala Kampala

041-4372993, 077-2378038, 078-2364390

A Directory to Internet Service Providers in Uganda

Computer Frontiers International(CFI)

Plot 7/11 Buganda Road Suite B7. P.O. Box 7594, Kampala


Uganda Home Pages Ltd.

2 Parliament Avenue Jumbo Plaza Suite M1.2 7482,Kampala Kampala

041-4503005/6, 031-2262290

Afsat Communications (U) Ltd

1 Colville Street Communications House 25745,Kampala Kampala

041-4343969, 041-4343780

3 Pilkington Road NIC Building 1st Floor 35628,Kampala Kampala


Africa Online

7 Kampala Road Commercial Plaza 5th Floor 29331,Kampala Kampala


MTN (U) Ltd.

22 Hannington Road MTN Towers 24624,Kampala Kampala

031-2212333, 031-2212444