Agricultural Produce in Uganda, Dealers and Exporters of Agricultural Products

Welcome to the complete guide to farming in Uganda. From farmers to dealers, seeds¬† and seedlings, exports of agriculture, taking care of your garden, veterinary products, anti pests and so…

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Agricultural Engineering in Uganda

Sustainable Agricultural engineering in Uganda One of the major contributors to the society and the economy since way back in life is Agriculture. For centuries people have engaged in crop…

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Uganda Agricultural Development and Support Services

Where can I access Agricultural Development and Support Services in Uganda? Uganda Crop Industries Ltd. 14 Parliament Avenue Jubilee Insurance Centre 7666,Kampala Kampala 041-4233362/3 National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO) 1…

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Uganda Fertilizers Suppliers, Imports and Exports

Who are the Fertilizer Dealers and Suppliers in Uganda? Allied Chemicals Ltd. 2566 Kampala 041-42545480 Evergreen International (U) Ltd. 21 Entebbe Road 33991,Kampala Kampala 041-4252914 Cooper Uganda Ltd 41/43…

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