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How to take care of my car in Uganda

Each and every part of an automobile requires special attention. Car maintenance is not only about the regular check-ups of oil and water levels but one need to look after several other aspects as well and tyres are obviously one of them. While selecting the correct car tyres for your car, the factors like appearance, brand, convenience, safety and rates are vital but one real thing which should not be neglected or compromised is the quality.

Many people believe that only the branded or expensive tyres will deliver the desired results. That perception is not correct as sometimes cheap car tyres might also perform very well. The tyres to be chosen must be well balanced, strong and in good shape.

You are not required to be a master of car wheels, when it comes to choosing them for your automobile. By following some basic things, there is every possible chance of making a fair and good deal. It always works well to do a brief market analysis before making the final decision. It is also an excellent and useful method of analysing the difference in market prices.

Moreover, it is not necessary that one always prefer the top quality tyres for the vehicle as the cost and affordability factors should always be remembered while buying the car tyres. However, a car that is designed for high performances will surely requires high performing tyres

As tips:

Always use the tyres which are made specifically for that car. Every tyre has an allotted number which one can easily find on the side of the tyre.

A tyre size calculator is available easily on the net and is really handy in specifying the accurate tyre measurements.

Be prepared to grab any good online deal that comes to you. A little bit of web surfing and online research will let one know about many lucrative deals for both the new and used tyres. If fortunate, one may get really economical car tyres with free shipment through an online deal.

It is also better to know that what type of tyres are actually required as there are different types available like some of them performs well in wet weather, some are made for mountainous areas while some are equally good in all the areas and weather.

Another useful tip is to ask any of your colleague or friend who has recently purchased a set of tyres as it will not only provides the feedback of the tyres but also gives you an insight regarding the after sale services and the reputation of the selling company. Things like visiting an auto wrecker or a wholesaler will definitely help in selecting accurate car tyres and if you are lucky enough you might also get cheap car tyres deal for your automobile.

Car Tyre Distributors in Uganda

Spear Motors Ltd.

M428 Jinja Road Nakawa Spear Motors Comp 1350,Kampala Kampala

041-4285551, 041-4505664/6

Exim Tyres (U) Ltd.

16/1 Jinja Road 3446,Kampala Kampala

041-4230068, 041-4232116, 031-2260815/6

Sameer Africa (U) Ltd.

96/98 5th Street Industrial area Madivani Ware Hou 8972,Kampala Kampala

041-4347665, 041-4347667, 041-4347635

City Tyres (Gapco Service Station – Mbale

5 Manafwa Road Mbale Mbale


Arrow Centre

91 Jinja Road 7553,Kampala Kampala


Mandela Auto Zone

6th Street Industrial Area 10022,Kampala Kampala

041-4341717, 031-2263974

City Tyres

98 6th Street Industrial Area Mandela Auto Zone 10022,Kampala Kampala

041-4341717, 031-2263974

Tyre Express (U) Ltd.

7A Bombo Road Sure House 23136,Kampala Kampala

041-4258733, 031-2266297

Fontana Auto Parts (U) Ltd.

223 – 225 6th Street Industrial Area 4012,Kampala Kampala

City Tyres (New Oasis Service Station – Gapco)

7/9 Ben Kiwanuka Street Kampala Kampala

041-4342748, 041-4256812

Priamit Enterprises Ltd.

16/1 Jinja Road Madhvani Building Kampala Kampala

041-4232116, 031-2260815, 031-2260816

Trentyre (U) Ltd.

76/78/80 7th Street Industrial Area 2075,Kampala Kampala