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How and where do I buy a car from I Uganda;Ugandan car prices,bonds?

Cars for sale in Uganda

There are very many cars on the market for sale in Uganda and they are either new or used cars. These are sold in the different car bonds across the country while others that can afford ship in their desired cars from outside Uganda.

People in Uganda buy cars for different purposes like farming, personal business and transportation. The prices of cars depend on the brand, size and its fuel consumption. All cars have different pricing even though they are of the same type and this depends on the bond where one wants to buy the car from.

With the increasing rate at which people are buying cars, the rate of selling them has also hiked and I have listed a few ways on how to sell your car fast and at a good price:

Assess the car’s condition

The first step to selling a car is to assess it and make sure that there is no problem with the car from the engine, tires to the seats. Since most people do not know all the components that are in a car make sure a mechanic checks your car for transmission issues, brake problems and electrical issues.

If possible fix them before looking for a buyer but if not then let the buyer know the different problems with the car and if they can fix them after buying it. Although you should note that if they decide to buy the car the price of selling it will reduce.

Clean the interior

Clean the interior of the car thoroughly before putting it up for sale. Clean out the mats, vacuum the seats and if you cannot go to a car wash bay and make sure that they thoroughly clean your car so that by the time you are selling it, it looks new and this increases the value of the car.

Different ways on how to purchase cars

We have heard about people wanting to buy cars abut they do not know where to get genuine cars from and at affordable prices but below are some of many ways that one can purchase cars in Uganda and these are

Through credit sales

This is where cars are sold on credit. There is a very high demand of cars currently in Uganda and the credit sales have been realized with the help of banks. Once someone wants to purchase a car and they are not financially stable, the car sellers’ deal with a specific bank which pays for the car of one’s choice and when you get the money you pay the bank back. The car becomes the security to the bank and once you fail to pay after the given period of time, the car is taken by the bank to pay off the loan.

Through auctioning

This is majorly done by the Uganda Revenue Authority after the importers have failed to pay for the taxes. Once a car is imported into the country, URA gives the owner 9 months to pay off all the taxes and if you fail to pay then the car is auctioned off after advertising for one month. You should also note that the car is charged per day it spends on in the car bond depending on the agreement you have with the seller.

Through brokers

This is another way of purchasing cars in the country. There are two different types of brokers that is independent brokers who act as a go between with the buyer and seller and they have no specific place where they operate from. These can be sometimes scammers who increase the price of a car just to earn high and sometimes they sell cars that do not have the right documentation.

The other type of brokers is affiliated with car bond owners, individuals who want to sell their cars and they earn from the commission given to them after the car sale. If you are in a hurry to buy a car then you can talk to these affiliated to car bonds and they connect you to the right and good car for use.

Purchasing from a bond

There are various car bonds found in Uganda and all these sell cars at different prices. The beauty about buying cars from the bond is that it reduces the stress of paying importing taxes and you are assured of the car’s working conditions and its safety.

Purchase by importing

This is mostly done by the rich community as it is expensive for the middle income earners in the country. You can order your car from the manufacturing country and it is delivered to you where you need it. The problem with this is that they might import a car which is not in good working conditions and the color might not be the one you ordered for even after paying all the huge taxes for importation.

Minus the high taxation and anxiety you get after ordering it to be imported into the country, it is a good way to avoid buying stolen cars within the country.

Cars sold in Uganda

There are different types of cars sold in Uganda and I have listed a few that are common on the Ugandan market currently with their estimated prices.


These are the most bought cars in Uganda and this is because their spare parts can easily be got and they are easy to maintain. Toyota cars come in a variety of samples and these include Toyota RAV 4s, kluger, Allex and others.




These are majorly bought by the high class end people because of their expensive nature and the rare spare parts in the country.

Factors to put into consideration before purchasing a car

There are factors that Ugandans consider when buying cars and these are listed below:

Availability of spare parts

The availability of spare parts in the country is a huge determinant on whether the car will be purchased or not. Most of the cars in Uganda have their spare parts readily available in the different shops in Uganda and at a cheap price where as others like the Benz is scarce and expensive. Therefore people are forced to buy cars that they can easily fix.

Social status

There are other people who look at social status before purchasing a car. A person in a bigger position will want a nice and big car to show off their status while those starting out will want to purchase cars that are not hard to maintain.

The prices of cars

The price of the car also determines its sale in the country. The cars sold in Uganda all have different prices and this depends on the brand of the car and the budget of the buyer. The money that you have will determine the type of car that will be bought from the bond.

The fuel consumption of the car

The highest populations in Uganda are middle income earners and they buy cars that consume less fuel for longer distances. A car that consumes 2.6 and 1.6 liters is the most desired since most of them want a car that can cover about 15 kilometers on one liter and they tend to shy away from the cars that have fuel consumption of three and above liters.

The trending cars

People tend to buy cars that are trending in the market so that they can easily fit into society. Once a car comes onto the market, many people tend to buy it because they believe they have to get it because everyone is buying the same car. This largely influences those that want to always stay on the trending scene.

Process of car possession in Uganda

Before you purchase a car there are a few things you need to know about car owning in Uganda, the taxes paid and what is considered legal ownership of a car in Uganda and these include the following:


  1. Registration of the vehicle

Every vehicle that is bought in Uganda has to be registered so that in case it is stolen, it is easily tracked, to prove ownership of the vehicle and for easy collection of taxes by URA. There are conditions for car registration in the country and these include

  • The car should have been imported from the country of origin like Japan.
  • The importer should be in possession of a Tax Identification Number.
  • The car should be imported for the specific duties it was meant to carry out for example a taxi is meant to transport 14 passengers and that is what it should do.
  • The owner of the car should provide all the legal documents regarding the car importation and taxation.

The car sale business is a lucrative one since everyone wants to own a car and the profits gained from it are high even after the taxes given to the government and the good thing is that the government has banned importation of old cars in the country.



Instead of purchasing brand new automobile, it’s always beneficial to buy second hand automotive. It gives you a chance to select any vehicle of your desired brand at really affordable prices. If buyers are purchasing automobiles in a huge quantity, then it is more preferable to buy used cars. In the total cost of vehicle, dealers include the price of the car cover. These days’ people are interested to become used cars dealers, because it is the easiest way to boost income. Person who is having interest in Uganda cars and who know the latest trends of the market can easily start their career with this business.

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A directory to car dealers and sellers in Uganda

Smart Motor World Ltd.

143,Kyambogo Kyambogo

041-4288317, 031-2289387

Jambo Auto Mart Ltd.

M506 Jinja Road High Way Ntinda Industrial Area Kampala Kampala

041-4288670, 075-1595333, 071-4786950

Future Group Co. Ltd.

32 Mukaabya Road, Off Jinja Road 4368,Kampala Kampala

041-4288814, 077-2744546, 070-1777776

Yuasa Investments Ltd.

Nakawa – Nagulu Junction UNAFRI Parking 26606,Kampala Kampala

041-4285481, 071-7744546, 070-3000011

Planet Solutions (U) Ltd.

4 Jinja Road Social Security House, Western Wing 2 37414,Kampala Kampala

041-4598486, 075-3333000

Ramzan Motors (Show Room)

8 Jinja Road 30255,Kampala Kampala

041-4255767, 071/077-2726926

Dura Motors Ltd.

1004 Masaka Road Ndeeba Masaku Complex 7662,Kampala Kampala

031-2104544, 075-2809894

Victoria Motors Ltd.

10 Old Port Bell Road Industrial Area 620,Kampala Kampala

041-4341021, 041-4343364

Autorec Enterprise Ltd.

85 Kira Road Kamwokya 3042,Kampala Kampala

041-4541111, 071-2806575

Adachi Auto Ltd.

3 Naguru Katalima Road Nakawa Near CMC Coin Ltd. N 25906,Kampala Kampala

031-2264317, 077-2772062, 077-2629462

Bejo Motor Solutions (U) Ltd.

1 – 4 6th Street Industrial Area 7870,Kampala Kampala

077-6760601, 075-2585676

Tokyo Auto Ltd.

3 – 7 (Old Port Bell Road) Bugolobi 24610,Kampala Kampala


Aisha Group (U) Ltd.

17/23 Naguru Road 7665,Kampala Kampala

070-2777110, 078-2648043, 077-6888886

Ramzan Motors (Bonded Warehouse)

118 6th Street Industrial Area 30255,Kampala Kampala

041-4255767, 071/077-2726926

Al-Malik Group

34 Mukaabya Road Nakawa Industrial Area 29306,Kampala Kampala

041-4286572, 041-4221438, 077-2760786

Muko Investments

Entebbe Road Kampala Kampala

077-2433050, 077-2584420, 041-4200571

Autorec Enterprise Ltd.

Green City Super Market 1606,Mbarara Mbarara

0485-438227, 077-7009827

Japan Auto Traders Ltd.

Jinja Road Coin ICD 70153,Kampala Kampala

031-2265398, 041-4574519

Chatha Investments Ltd.

Opp. Pepsi Cola Factory Coin ICD Building Kampala Kampala

041-4286626, 071-2805089, 078-2309550

Cosmos (U) Ltd.

M111 Jinja Road Banda Bonded Ware House 0066 Kampala Kampala

077-2791354, 077-2738789, 077-2761378