Uganda Construction Companies, Building and Engineers

Find a list of construction companies in Uganda for business offices, mansions, 2 bedroomed houses, 3 bedroomed houses, apartments and so much more.

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Ambitious Construction Company Limited
Plot 1 Swaminarayan, Nalukolongo
P.O Box 12452, Kampala
Tel: +256-414-273454, +256-772-416022, +256-7

National Housing & Construction Campany Limited
Plot 3/5 Seventh Street, Industrial Area
P.O Box 659, Kampala
Tel: +256-414-330002/330154, +256-392-760040

Reynold Construction Company (NIG) Ltd
Plot 2 Muweesi Road, Bugolobi
P.O Box 11713, Kampala
Tel: +256-312-500500, +256-414-234360

Stone Construction Limited
Plot 244, Block 397 – Busiro, Near lutembe
P.O Box 26443, Kampala
Tel: +256-392-732373, +256-772-742474 / 75257

Construction Companies in Uganda, an Insight
Construction is a task that involves a range of processes and activities that need coordination in order to achieve a success in the industry of construction. Probably the project you are working on is a business ware house, your dream house of something in between. Such projects demand extra commitment to supervision and monitoring of every step.
Many strong buildings and projects in this construction business testify to getting superior services of professional construction firms and companies. A good construction company will use the best available software such as cloud computing by companies to get the job done. The quality of work done by such companies is often evident on the building’s strength and magnificence. However, you do not need to hire any company to undertake construction of your dream house of project. There are a few points to consider when you are hiring a construction company;
The first step is always to check the company on the list of approved construction companies registered by the government.
Many companies have embraced the era of information technology systems that include having exclusive websites showcasing the range of services and products offered. Hiring a construction firm with a website allows you to check the kind of services, previous work and completed projects. Online information such as this help assess the quality, commitment and professionalism of different contractors.
Comments and project reviews also help assess the credibility of contractors from the client’s view. Before you make a decision, you may want to contact any of the previous clients for their unbiased reviews.
You may actually have queries on hiring sub-contractors and other work related issues such as insurance policy for employees. Before agreeing to the services of certain contractors, inquire in such important information.
It is very important to inquire about the health and safety policy of the company in case of accident and death of employees at your site. There are many risks and hazard in the construction industry and such policies free a client of anxiety and possible liability for site laborers.
A construction firm should have a physical address, an office which you can visit and call if need arises. You do not want to deal with frauds classified as briefcase contractors.
Customers often demand quality services and professionals to do the construction work. Professional contractors can make a plan for the construction process be it renovation, remodeling or ground breaking for new house projects. As long as the above mention tips are taken seriously in your search for engineers, contractors and professional construction firms, all is set for a dream project!
Every one wants a personal touch on their project and this means that construction companies have to respect the needs and interests of their client. Some companies are experts at renovations, painting and doing finishing touches while others are good at furnishing and the like. By putting your preferences and time frame for the project, it is the role of a construction firm to make your dream a reality and meet deadlines.
Hiring a good construction company guarantees perfect job done. Compromising for cheap anonymous companies will cost you n not only finances and also the quality of work done.