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Are you thinking of making an investment in a building project? Well you wouldn’t want to lose a fortune if that project goes wrong along the way. You would need a professional in the construction business that is, an architect to guide you through. An architect is a skilled person who is specifically trained and licensed to work on the planning and design of buildings. However, searching for the right architect, one who best suits your requirements, may be a bit difficult given the fact that there are many architects in Uganda.

Why do I need an architect?

If you are still wondering whether you really need an architect, the answer is surely YES!! You may want to just tell your builder what your vision of the project is and let him start on the construction. Nevertheless, your builder has limitations no matter how excellent his building skills may be. Only an architect will help you see those insights you may have overlooked and to find the best architectural solutions for your project.

Architects usually have a better understanding of your needs. They analyse your lifestyle and come up with building plans which address both structural requirements and your desires. Only by mare listening to you, architects are able to transform your wishes and requirements into an architectural expression. Architects devise creative ways of fixing problems. For instance they can come up with better materials and strategies that make the project more affordable basing on your budget. Besides all that, an architect will guide you during the regulations and contractual requirements of the law.

According to the Architects Registration Act, Cap 269, the design, preparation or supervision of construction work of any building in Uganda must be done by a registered architect with a valid practicing certificate issued by The Architects Registration Board. Therefore you wouldn’t wish to go against the law by going through with your building project without using an architect.

How do I find the right architect in Uganda?

There are certain specifications you can follow to find yourself the right architect for your building project.


Clearly express what you want.

Before thinking of acquiring an architect, you need to state out what you would wish your architect to do. Otherwise any information held back at this moment would affect you in the later stages of your project. Many architects may present high quotations but you need to be open about your budget and adhere to it to avoid unexpected surpluses.

Inquire from your circle of friends.

Consult your friends, colleagues, neighbors or relatives who have done construction in recent times. These tend to have more experience with architects and for that reason; their referrals will save you a great deal of time in searching for an architect.

Analyse the bio.

Take off some time and go through various profiles and websites of the architects and see their previous constructions. This will give you a better judgment of their designing skills and construction knowledge.

Do a simple research.

If you are not satisfied with referrals from friends and relatives, then a simple research will guide you in finding the right architect. Visiting the Architects Registration Board of Uganda can help you connect with genuine architects who are associates of the board. The board has a directory of the approved architects in Uganda from where you can choose.

Question them.

After getting different contacts of architects, shortlist them and meet at least three. Have an in-depth discussion with them, elaborating the nitty-gritty on your proposed project. Present your requirements and endeavor to be as clear and precise as possible to avoid disappoints in the future when the project is completed. Ask them all the questions you need to know, for this will help you determine whether their techniques fit your requirements.



Go through their previous work.

Examining an architect’s earlier work would help you see their techniques, designs and know-how. This will then help you judge whether he will be suitable for your project. Some architects put their sign posts outside the sites they are managing. If the site design attracts you, then simply get their contacts from the sign post.

As you are doing all the above, you need to be vigilant for titles such as architectural designer, architecture consultant or technician because these are not architects!! Using a fake architect will cost you a lot including being penalized by the law.

Directory of registered architects in Uganda.

JR Consultants

Plot 137/A Kira Road

P.O. Box 33096, K’la

Tel: 0712 496 737/ 0703 496 737 /

Adengo Architects

823 Circular Road, Mutungo, Kampala

P.O. Box 31425, K’la

Tel: 0701 274 255

Envirotec Consult

Plot 20, Queens Road Entebbe

  1. O. Box 259, Entebbe

Tel: 0759 456 108/ 0772 456 108




Crusader House, 3 Portal Avenue Kampala

  1. O. Box 5693, K’la

Tel: 0752 418 900/ 041 4340 244 /

Studio Flame

Plot 199, Upper Mawanda Road, Kamwokya

P.O.Box 1371, K’la

Tel: 0752 282 505/ 041 4540 042 /

Planning And Design Associates

Plot 64-86 Yusuf Lule Road, Golf Course Hotel

  1. O. Box 22774, K’la

Tel: 0752760541

Space & Places Ltd.

7th Floor NIC Building, Plot 3 Pilkington Road

  1. O. Box 28086, K’la

Tel: 0772 522 692/ 041 4577 669

Ankapol Associated Architects

MTAC Building Nakawa

  1. O. Box 4655, K’la

Tel: 0772 404 659/ 0753 404 659



FBW Architects and Engineers.

Plot 1834, White House Close Muyenga

  1. O. Box 24843, K’la

Tel: 039 3260 138/ 020 0960 138/ +256 788 386/ 041 4510 666


Symbion Uganda Ltd

4.0 km, Plot 14, Parliament Avenue, Jubilee Insurance Plaza (Formerly known as the IPS Building)

P.O. Box 7671 Parliamentary Avenue

041 4251142

Arch Design Limited

P.O.Box 22946 Buganda Rd

031 2260 010




Great care and concern is taken when choosing an architect to work on your dream home or building. It is not just a matter of looking through a directory and getting one of the listed companies like it is with restaurants or hotels.
Hiring an architect demands enormous time, effort and research work. Here are a few steps to help you identify the best person to handle an important home or project plan;
A guide to great buildings and homes is all about personal preferences and wants. It is important to have details and specifics of how you want your project to look like for example in size, building style, space and any other special features. Putting together such specifications guides you on your hunt for an architect that can have these ideas put into the house plan
Trust and reliability are important in any business relation as for architecture. Ask around for recommendations on architects through friends and family. You probably want to be sure about an architect and have to hire one who has done a good job for some one you know. You can also look online for some companies and visit their physical address. The person or company hired should do a good job giving priority to your specifications and trust is an important element in such a business!

How do I select the best Architect or firm in Uganda?

The list of recommended/trusted parties or companies from friends is often a long one. Narrow down your list while taking a look at company portfolios and previous works. Previous works help you identify the architectural design and philosophy that particular company specialize in and also makes suggestion more ideas to fit into your dream house!
You definitely have a few more queries to ask about the company or architect. Are the architects listed or registered in the national association of architects?  What is their policy on outsourcing for schematics and Administration? Many questions rise on liability, insurance, fees and charges, reputation in the industry and more! Make sire you have answers to these and other queries before you make appointments with particular companies to trust with your dream building project.
With most of the work on research done, you have a long list of trusted companies. Make your choice from the top tow or three architects and set up appointments with each through email or calling their physical address. Consult them about any possible challenges that may come up during the project. Ask if the company is interested in your project with your specifications and also about the duration they can take to finish it.
The last step is making a final decision for an architect who has scored high for all your listed specifications. Be comfortable with the choice made and thus create a working contract spelling out the duties and roles of each party before the project, during the entire construction stages and any other responsibilities that may accrue due to ethics and professionalism in architectural work.