Plumbing in Uganda, Companies, Cost for Homes and Water

Plumbing in Uganda has increased due to high number of people who are constructing with inbuilt facilities like toilets, sinks and bathrooms. Plumbing involves toilets, sinks, tubs, pipes, showers and others that used piped water. Good plumbing can be got anywhere in town but there are a few pointers you need to know before you go into plumbing and these include the following. Plumbing uses a normal system and it follows the laws of pressure and gravity. The system is a two way that is one part takes out the dirty wastes while the other brings in clean water for use.

The plumbing system

The plumbing system does not overlap with each other and to make plumbing successful, it has fixtures which separate the two systems. Examples of these fixtures include tubs, sinks and toilets. It is divided into two that is the drainage system and supply system and these are explained in detail below.


  • The Drainage system


This involves vents, clean outs and traps and all the pipes are angled downwards therefore they do not need pressure for the water to drain out the wastes. The vents allow air to flow through the pipes so as to regulate water flow in the system and it needs much of gravity to allow easy drainage of the wastes out of the system.


  • The supply system


The supply system brings in water and it is transported with a great pressure which allows it to flow upwards to different corners and floors of a building. It has a stop valve which is used when there is a plumbing emergency.

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Types of plumbing in Uganda

There are various types of plumbing used in the country and these are listed below:


  • Galvanized steel


These are rarely used in construction today but were a common factor for plumbing. This type has less good points to it when using it .They are not the best when it comes to plumbing due to the following reasons:

  • It leads to discoloration of water due to rust.
  • It clogs easily all the time and this reduces the pressure at which the water flows.
  • It rusts easily due to the coating of the zinc in the pipes.
  • The pipes are very heavy and this makes it hard to work with them.
  • They release lead into the water which makes it dangerous to use.
  1. Plastic PEX pipes

These are also used in plumbing and they have the following advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of using PEX pipes

  • They can easily be used to transport both hot and cold water.
  • They are very good at heat resistance.
  • They are flexible that is one PEX pipe can easily be use to run around the house.

              Disadvantages of using PEX

  • Their production contaminates the environment causing health problems to those living in the area.


  • Copper pipes


These are usually metal and they come in different sizes that are small thin walls which are used in the interior of the house to supply cold and hot water, medium thick walls which are also used for interior optimal supply of cold and hot water and lastly thickness walls which are used underground.

They are also used a lot when it comes to construction and it has    the following advantages and disadvantages.


  • They rarely leak.
  • They are durable once used.
  • The copper pipes are reliable for use.
  • Copper pipes can easily be recycled.
  • They never pollute water making it safe for drinking.
  • They are heat resistant.

Disadvantages of using copper pipes

    • Copper pipes are very expensive to use.


  • Some of them contain lead especially if they have been used for long.
  • Plastic PVC pipes


They are the pipes that are mainly used for the main water supply in a home and they have the following advantages and disadvantages:


  • They do not rust thus keeping the water safe.
  • They carry a great pressure of water.
  • They are cheap to access.
  • They are very easy to use.


  • They cannot transport hot water.
  • They get spoilt easily especially when they get into contact with hat water.


Factors to consider when choosing a plumbing company


  • Reviews online


Read online reviews about the plumbing company that you want to hire to do the plumbing for your house. A good company will have a lot of good review and if they are to give stars it will have average stars whereas a company that is not legit will have a poor review status.


  • The capital


Before choosing a company for your plumbing, you need to put into consideration the amount of money that you have for the process. Putting your budget into consideration will help you to choose the best company for the plumbing services that fits comfortably within your means without straining you.


  • Education and qualification status


A good plumbing company will have a license showing for how long they have worked and if the people working in the company are experienced. Before hiring, make sure you look at license and ascertain whether the plumbers they are giving you are qualified.


  • Emergency and support services


When choosing a plumbing company, you need to get one that will readily be available to help in case of an emergency. Plumbing disasters can happen at any time and you will need a company that will not make you wait for more than 24 hours.

You also need to consider a company that has full support of the work they do after completion. Most plumbers do not check on their clients after the completion of some of the works, so you need to get someone who will own up their mistakes just in case the plumbing goes wrong.


  • The plumbing design


You need to get a plumbing design that is cost effective and durable. Not all designs can fit into your building and therefore you will need proficient designing that actually matches with the house design.


  • Recommendations from friends


If you are not so sure about the different plumbing companies in the country, ask your friends and relatives about the best plumbing company around and then pick out one that has a lot of recommendations and use that one.

The importance of plumbing

It provides job opportunities to the different people in the country hence improving on their standards of living.

Plumbing helps in the supply of clean water to the people hence reducing on the spread of water borne disease.

Plumbing also helps in the safe delivery of water to all those that need it.

Plumbing helps in the easy doing of work like washing plates and clothes with the help of dish washers and washing machines.

Plumbing also helps in minimizing the Usage of space while constructing. This leaves space for you to do other things.

A good plumbing system design also adds beauty to the house that is being constructed.

Plumbing companies in Uganda

There are a lot of plumbing companies found in Uganda and below are some of the few that do good plumbing in the country.


  • Water and home plumbing


These are located in Mengo, Kampala on Orange plaza and they offer different plumbing services.


  • Plenco plumbing and construction company


This is located in Ggaba, Kampala on Half London complex and it closes at 6pm. Plenco offers the following services.

  • house roofing and gutter systems
  • Bio-gas systems
  • General plumbing
  • Fountain and swimming pool designing.

Get in touch with them for the above services and experience Plumbing at its best.


  • Bum plumbing and Home water systems


Bum plumbing is located on Pilkington road in Kampala and it offers the following services

  • Rain water harvesting systems
  • Install, repair and maintain water systems in residential.
  • Design the water systems.


  • Real plumbers Limited


These are located in Kampala and they offer the following services with a rate of 3 stars

  • pump and valve installation
  • preparing plumbing
  • maintaining sewer lines and heaters
  • Installation of boreholes.


  • Nexus Uganda limited


Nexus Uganda offers a wide range of plumbing services done by the most experienced and competent plumbers available and these services include the following

  • repairing septic tanks
  • installing and maintaining toilets
  • repairing clogged drains in a house
  • Installation of all sizes of water tanks.


plumbing is important in our day to day life due to the limited space in the country where people are constructing but you should note that once not taken care of, it becomes expensive to maintain and can cause a bad stench in the area.

Therefore it is advisable that you check on your plumbing system from time to time and in case you notice something that is not right, you need to call the plumber right away to solve the issue before it worsens.