Painting in Uganda, Sadolin, Plascon, House Painters in Uganda, Prices and Colour Choices

Painting in Uganda is widely done on finished houses and the color chosen either makes the house a sight to see or a sore sight for the eyes. What is a house without paint in this economy? Painting s house with the most attractive colors around is a prestigious thing on its own. There are many factors that one can choose when it comes to painting and these will be listed in the text to follow.

painting in kampala

Types of paint used in Uganda

There are two majorly most used types of paint in Uganda and these are


  • Water paints


This is paint that is mixed with water before being used. The advantage of using this is that it is very easy to clean and takes a short time to dry.


  • Oil based paint


Oil based paint lasts longer as compared to water paint and in order to use it, you need to mix with oil. The advantage of using oil based paint is that they are shinier, fancier and give off a better look and are durable.

The disadvantage of using oil based is that it takes harsh chemicals if it is to be removed which might harm the body health wise and it takes long to dry.

Painting can be done both within and outside the house and all this depends on a number of factors for each and we shall be looking at painting in Uganda both indoor and outdoor.


  • Indoor painting in Uganda


Indoor painting varies from person to person, room per room and a few factors that are listed below:


  • Painting the bedroom


Even though some people choose the same color for the whole house, the bedroom should have colors that give off a feeling of an atmosphere that is meant for rest. Choose darker shades that are a bit romantic and won’t reflect a lot when the lights are on and they also won’t be too dark just in case the lights are off.

To add glamour to the bedroom, you can add portraits to bring out the darker shades used on                             the walls.


  • The kitchen


The kitchen does not necessarily need paint but if you are to paint it then make sure that you use a darker shade that will be easy to clean because of the unavoidable stains that come with cooking. A bright color like cream or white will not do because it will show the stains easily and they will be hard to clean.



  • House accessories


Before you choose an interior color for your house, you need to look at the accessories that you have so that they do not clash with the color that is being used. These accessories include curtains, vases, wall hangings clocks and photo frames. Choose colors that will blend easily and if you cannot then try asking advise form interior designers.


  • Your tastes


This is a huge determinant on which colors we all want to use indoors when it comes to houses. We have themes that we want to follow like a white themed house, purple, black and other colors. Go for your tastes and what you want your house to look like as long as you blend the colors well.


  • The type of building


The type of building highly determines what type of paint that you are to use indoors that is a commercial building or a residential home. If it is a commercial building you need to use a color that is attractive to the customers but at the same time not hard to clean once it is dirty and if it is a residential house, you need to look at colors that other people will admire once they enter your home and the colors should also be relaxing.


  • The corridors


A corridor in a house is supposed to be a safe haven for those that use it and therefore should be painted with an almost light color that does not make it look too dark to use.

Painting a corridor will be highly determined by the age group of people living in the house. This is because the corridors are always touched as people pass through them and therefore a color that can easily be cleaned should be used on the corridors.

If the house is filled with children, then it is advisable to use a dull color that will not show a lot of hand prints but if the house has adults then fell free to use bright colors on the corridors.

All in all if you are painting indoors, look for colors that fit your taste as long as they are easy to clean and repaint.


  • Outdoor painting in Uganda


Outdoor painting is the epitome of construction as it adds beauty to the construction but all this depends on the colors of paint that have been chosen for the outside. Many people get attracted to the color of the painting on the outside as it is the first thing that they see on a house.

There are various factors that you need to consider when choosing an outdoor color for your house, building or construction and these include the following:


  • The neighborhood and environment


Most of the Surroundings in Uganda are dusty especially in the urban centers due to the dusty roads. Therefore if you are painting outdoors, get a color that is dust resistant and can easily be cleaned in case the walls become dirty.

You should also use paint that is weather resistant especially during rainy seasons. Good paint should not peel off just because it has gotten into contact with water. You can go with a green color if you fancy a greenery touch to your house and use colors like coconut that show less dust but still look elegant.



  • Visual effect of the area


This majorly deals with the background landscape of the house. If the background of the house is for example filled with trees, you will need bright outdoor colors that will pull off the background with beauty and without making the house look dull.


  • Type of paint being used


When painting outdoors you need to use paint that is long lasting and can withstand the harsh weather conditions. This will provide you with ample time before your need to renovate and repaint the house thus saving.


  • Consider the children


Just like the indoor painting, with the outdoor painting you will also need to factor in the children. You will need a shade that is conducive for these young people like dark lavender which will be easy to clean once dirty but still make your exterior look good. Use paint that will not affect the health of children.



  • Put other elements into consideration


These other elements include the roofing materials, drive ways, pavers, stone work and all other permanent work that will be hard to replace on the house. You need to select a color that blends well with all the above and still give off both a beautiful and exciting exterior to your house or building.

Importance of painting in Uganda

It adds to the beauty of the house mot especially when the colors are bright.

Paint is a form of communication especially to children as they are attracted to bright colors which make them active.

Painting is a form of employment to people and this improves people’s standards of living.

Painting provides taxes to the government through the sale of paint.

Examples of companies that manufacture paint

There are several companies in Uganda that manufacture paint and some of these are listed below:


  • Peacock paints


These are located in Industrial area and they produce a wide range of paint in the different shades.


  • Coral paints Ltd


This is another manufacturing paint company in Uganda and it is located in Kinawataka Kireka road.


  • Regal paints


This is also located in the Industrial area in Kampala and it has a variety of paint products in the different paint sizes and colors.


  • Basso paints


Basco paints are located at Kibira Road in the Industrial area and it is one of the most prominent paint producing companies in Uganda.


  • Sadolin Paints

These are located in the Industrial area in Kampala on 2nd street

  • or Plascon Paint in Uganda
    So far the most popular paint company in Uganda



  1. Crown Buildings and product Ltd

These are located in Banda Kampala and they also provide different services from manufacturing paint to providing people to help with painting your building if necessary.

painting in Uganda can be done by different companies but it should be noted that there is fake paint on the market and if you are not so sure of where to purchase the right paint from then it is best if you hire a professional to do the job for you and make sure that the colors chosen blend well with each other. Good luck in choosing the best color for your house both indoor and outdoor.