Uganda Ceramic Tiles and Sanitary Ware

A Directory to Ceramic,Tiles and Sanitary Ware Dealers in Uganda

Lionking International (U) Ltd.

109 6th Street Industrial Area 33888,Kampala Kampala


Tile World Ltd.

2A Port Bell Road 12031,Kampala Kampala

CTM (U) Ltd.

171 – 177 6th Street Industrial Area 25202,Kampala Kampala


B.V. Enterprises Ltd.

22 – 26 6th Street Industrial Area 20079,Kampala Kampala


Zhong Da International (U) Ltd.

Lugogo Show Ground 27993,Kampala Kampala


Millennium Marble (2000) Ltd.

167/169 6th Street Industrial Area Near to CTM Kampala Kampala

041-4253008, 077-2737475

Tile Centre Ltd.

Kampala Kampala

041-4342297, 041-4345350, 041-4348232/3/4

China Ceramic City (U) Ltd.

109/111 6th Street Industrial Area 33888,Kampala Kampala

041-4235518, 071-2516888

Kampala Ezzi Stores Ltd.

16 Wilson Road Junction Taheri Building 1385,Kampala Kampala


Bamwe House of Ceramics (U) Ltd.

2 Luwum Street 72564,Kampala Kampala


Key-Int General Stores

5 Snay Bin 23561,Kampala Kampala

077-2387562, 071-2460998

Ceramic tiles

What are the Building trends in Uganda;Materials designs used,costs?

Tiles and ceramics give a touch of luxury and class to a home or building. The trend of building and using tiles in commercial and residential building is fast growing in Africa. You can imagine the warmth and elegancy in a tiled kitchen or bathroom!
In places/ room that store moisture such as kitchen and bathroom, paint or plaster is likely to soak on the water and thereby peel off. A damp house causes increased bacterial infections and or problems that cheapen your home or commercial building. The best option is to use ceramic tiles to hide such enormous challenges
Ceramic tiles come in different shapes, sizes and designs to meet customer lifestyles and preferences. Of course different prices accrue for tiles from famed destinations such as Italy, India, Turkey, china and other countries known to make great works in ceramics and tiles.
Natural stone tiles are used and preferred for their distinct beauty and durability although these qualities are reflected in their prices. Ceramic tiles are cheaper option to use. Both stone and ceramic tiles work well for walls and floor although some tiles are particularly made to suit certain purposes. Wall tiles have smooth and glossy surfaces and such properties become dangerous if such tiles are interchanged for the floor-remember they are slippery when water or liquids spill on them
The use of tiles and ceramics can be traced during ancient Egypt and early civilization in Greece. The need for more durable roofing in ancient Greece led to substituting rustic thatches for tiles made in clay, porcelain and stone. Glazing of tiles was incorporated into the ceramics and pottery to give tiles repelling properties and a perfect finish. The manufactures of tiles have since become more artistic in their works, incorporate new ideas and fresh images with décor and intricate details on texture.
Tiles have since become essential in luxury hotels, commercial buildings, tombs, fencing and homes to mention a few. Ceramic tiles are now made in different styles of décor with mosaics, metalics, marble and limestone. Different tiles are suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and commercial building purposes to mention a few
Look out for wooden floor tiles incase you want a vintage look to your property. At the end of the day, it is comfort, luxury and neat ambiance that we are trying to tailor. Search online for the latest development in ceramic tiles and art. You’ll be amazed by the style, décor and alternative of floor and bathroom tiles to choose from a number of manufacturers in England, India, Italy and Greece.