Agricultural Research in Uganda, Research Firms and Consultancy in Agriculture

A Guide to Agricultural Research Institutions in Uganda

National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO)

1 – 3 Lugard Avenue NARO Building 295,Wakiso Wakiso

041-4320512, 041-4320178, 041-4320341

International Potato Center

106 Katirima Road Naguru 22274,Kampala Kampala

041-4287571, 041-4286209

Ssemwanga Group Ltd.

47B Upper Kololo Terrace 40257,Kampala Kampala

041-4255090, 031-2263092/3

National Forestry Authority (NFA)

10/20 Spring Road Nakawa 70863,Kampala Kampala

031-2264035/6, 041-4230365/6

National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS)

39A Lumumba Avenue Nakasero Mukwasi House 2nd Floo 25235,Kampala Kampala

041-4345440, 041-4345065, 041-4345066

International Institute of Tropical Agriculture

15 East Naguru Road Upper Naguru 7878,Kampala Kampala

041-4285060, 041-4285064

Employment and the Agricultural sector in Uganda

To get employment in the agricultural sector, not much educational credentials are needed, although some positions require some training so as to perfect your performance efficiency. Agriculture is not only comprised of looking after plants but rather includes growing produce plus animals so as to earn a living. Skilled personnel are for that matter required to manage the farm operations.
Many people tend to under look the number of hands involved to put food at their table. Here are people who take care of the cows, cultivate their feeds, milk the animals and later manufacture the yogurt and cheese that you enjoy in your home.  Not only is agriculture about livestock, corn and soya beans, man power is needed for fish farming, fruit processing and sugar production, ecology plus other aspects that have been modernized thanks to agriculture.

How is Can I farm as a Business in Uganda?

Agriculture generally is a complex business that offers numerous job opportunities for any interested individuals. The payment scale will basically depend on one’s skills, the job obligation and the size of work operation. If your field is an outdoor, then your work may be seasonal. You have to write out a clear curriculum vitae that accurately shows your agricultural experience right before starting on your agricultural career. It is quite common that most agriculturalists are not educated but stating your educational background may get you a better job position with higher pay.
If you posses any certifications in machinery operation or any other important credentials that may be helpful in this sector clearly indicate them.  Additionally there are numerous jobs that are not outdoor, and some of these you can find online.
If you are searching for a career opportunity, you can check ‘Agriculture.This will give you a listing of all career opportunities available in the agricultural sector.

Make Money Farming
Thinking of how to make enough money out of farming? The farming category in the farming industry that is fast growing yet profitable is the micro-eco-farming. This supports the trends of locally-grown, hand crafted, locally produced earth generated and the eco-produced. Although old-fashioned types of farms persist to struggle, the newly established micro-farm style that the Trends institute correctly predicted to greatly flourish is finding high demand from its markets that is overwhelming.

What are micro eco-farms?

These farms operate on land that does not exceed an acre in size. They make money from their local or from shared interest linked to crops or on-farm agro-tourism. Not worry about the fact that other than your small land in the backyard you can never get any more land nearby at no cost. Also if you have 100s of acres of land don’t assume that micro eco farming can never be your business. Read on…
How to make money farming the micro farm way if you already have a large-acreage farm.

On acquiring knowledge about micro eco farming you will spare off some land to start you personal farm. Many large farms have been able to sustain themselves because of this. At the Center for the Micro Eco-Farming Movement, there are numerous stories about such farms. once a wife to a farmer established a stand just from her garden at home that blossomed years later into a successful on-farm store which made returns that over exceeded those from the rest of their combine acreage. Additionally another farm is believed to have been by a few acres of pumpkins and autumn agri-tourist activities.
How to make money from farming if you have a backyard to small acreage and are just starting out

Many people having small backyards have survived on farming utilizing it as a secondary source of income while others make agreements with other yard owners who they in return give some produce at no price at the  farmers sell of the rest.
Beginning by having an idea of what you could produce. While Americans increasingly advance towards food independence in addition to an artisan regeneration, you can think of gourmet herbs plus vegetables from your backyard, your herds to make healing products, gourmet mushrooms from your backyard or personally designed micro-eco farms. other individuals interested in earning a living through farming have gone ahead to grow health edible items like wheat grass or plant micro-greens for several restaurants or a small greenhouse in the background to cater for their families.