Morocco Tour and Travel Guide

Morocco Tour and Travel Guide
Section for attractions in Morocco, getting there and around, plus the general travel tips.
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Morocco is a popular tourist destination. It has a number of arrivals. Royal Air Maroc (AT) is a Morocco’s national airline and those serving Morocco include Alitalia, British airways, Kim, Sabena Belgium, Swissair, World airlines and Lufthansa.

Hotels in Morocco
You will find all hotels of various budgets around Morocco. Good hotels are spread all over Casablanca, Agadir, Marrakesh and so more.

Destinations and Cities in Morocco
Information on prominent cities such as Casablanca, Marrakech, Agadir, Essaouira, Fez .Maknes, Ouarzazate , Rabat, Tangier and Taroudant.

Real Estates and Property
Property management and real estates guide to Morocco.

Arts and Culture
Every society has its own unique culture. What does Morocco have to offer?

Money, economy and investment strategies section.

More Information:
Read about Geography and Climate, Fashion and design in Morocco, or plan your wedding and honeymoon in Morocco or the shopping guide as well as the recipes and cuisine , Sports and holiday vacation

Comprehensive listing of service providers in all sectors.
Welcome to the online travel guide to Morocco covering detailed information about the travel destinations, tips, national parks, visa guide and so much more.

Morocco is one of the Africa’s best countries for travel since you can easily jump to Europe directly. The markets are all covered with carpets, jewellery and doors. Architecture designs are all over, laid out on the ground while artists designs are all over the city with traditional music being played by the Barbers in both French and Moroccan fashion.

The Moroccans combine both electrical and local instruments to produce prophylic sound.
Traditional Moroccan art is most wanted commercially as far back as the ancient period.
The artisan can produce well-furnished and decorated stature of wood, jewellery, pott and carpets.

Many people are being inspired by the first work they produce such as Delacrix was made popular through the Moroccan daily life, then after Holy wood started making films in Morocco like; Casablanca 1942 and Marlene Dotrich.

From Europe, Royal air Marac Iberia British airways, Corse air international and Air France.

From North America:
Continental Airlines, Royal air Moroc, Air France, British airways, American Airlines, Alitalia Airline and LuFranza Airline.

From Asia; Emirates airlines, Royal air Morac and Air France.

Among s the major air ports include; Maurrakech , Menara Airport, Agadir Al masirra airport and Casablanca Med V airport.

The Atlas Mountains are too cold and when you reach the Sahara, dunes are too hot also. So in Morocco, when you reach along the Mediterranean coastline, it is too cool and sometimes cold. The Atlas Mountains are characterized by snow, which is influenced by the altitude, while its hot climate in the Southern Sahara.

The seaports include Ceuta and Tangier Casablanca and the lines, which serve these ports, include; Polish Ocean Lines and Nautilus which are all from Spain and Gibraltar and from Spain and USA include Polish Ocean Lines and Nautilus as well as Comanav.

From France via car or passenger ferries and Southern Spain, which all link to the Algerian border in the North. However, the road is currently closed and when opened again, there will be two alternatives; to pass via Figuig or Ougda. To access Mali road, one will be using the Figuig road link.

Those going in the South can use the Mauritanian border. However, it is not so that easy. The best way to do so is to finish your part clearance in Ed-Dakhla and for more information see the end-Dakhla section.

The Morocco-Algeria rail link is currently closed and the available routes are from Oran to Algiers and Ougda to Algiers.

Passenger/Car Ferries:
The available Car and Passenger Ferries are not expensive and offer more comfortable journeys. The ferries link North Moroccan coat in the Spanish enclaves as well as Southern Tangler and Spain.
The routes are from Algeciras to Tangar (hydrofoil and car ferry) and from Algeciras to Ceuta (Sebta Car Ferry), Malanga to Melilla (Car Ferry), Almeria to Melilla (car ferry), Gibraltar to Tangier (both hydrofoil and car ferry) and Tarifa to Tangier (hydrofoil).

Morocco Birding

Most birds reside along the river, which include; ducks and coots.  Also present are the European birds like Marbled Duck, Ferruginous Duck, Red Crested Pochard and Ruddy, Shelduck as well as the yellow legged Herrings, gulls and lesser black-backed, all found near the River source, while those being attracted are raptors, marsh harrier, tawny, bonelli’s eagle, barbery falcons as well as the sandwich terns and Caspian may also be seen around the place.

The chances of seeing pallid swifts, hoopoes, house martins, red warblers and spotted cuckoos is in December. Cromes and birds seen in March include olivaceous black eared wheater , purple herons, hoopoes, bailbn’s crakes, night squacco and little bittern.

Morocco Golfing

Morocco has over 30 Golf courses in the country, which include Rabat, which has royal Dar-es-Salaam Golf club, which currently fields the games of Hassan II trophy Marrakech.

Royal Golf club which has 72 courses with 8 holes. Others include Amelkis Golf club and Palmerale Golf club over looking the high Atlas Mountains. Casablanca: Mohammed A. Royal Golf Club. Tangler Royal Golf course. Agadir: Agadir Royal Golf Club. Golf dir Soleil with 27 holes.

Water sports:
A number of activities are done on sandy beaches such as table tennis, volley ball, mini foot ball as well as those done inside the water which include; swimming, motor boat driving and refreshment bath on resorts such as Eljadida, Essaoira and Agadir. Also available are the fresh waters from Oum er Rbia in the middle Atlas ranges.
However, some waters have been equipped with fish like lakes.
A number of resorts have also been built on the Northern part of Mediterranean coastline.

Surfing is done in Ovadlidia all year round, both for children and adults and camp facilities are provided as well as training those who are not skilled to surf, for just a few days so do not mis out one of the best surf lands in the world located 3,000km away from the coastline.

Visa Requirements

Visa provisions:
Standard provisions:
For visitors coming from foreign countries, they must carry a recognized valid passport document. Foreign visitors staying in Morocco for tourism shall be given 3 months, unless given visa formality.
Foreigners must ask for permission if they wish to prolong their stay in Morocco.
Visitors from subjected visa formality must have visas from Morocco Authorities.
A registration card must be applied if visitors may wish to have some work here in Morocco.
Visitors must have valid passports when arriving in Morocco.
Visitors must have valid documents recognized by the country’s Authority.
After the presentation of identity cards, valid passport, 3 photographs and a Filled Application Form, you will be given a visa.
For visitors having their stay here temporarily in Morocco and have to go back to their residence, they need to have these facilities;

Customs facilities:
A red area for visitors who have items to declare to customs and a green area for visitors having nothing to declare.
Duty free for items that may be imported without permission.

Morocco Weather

If you are making arrangements to have a visit to Morocco, we would strongly advise that you try and time your stay during the early months of summer. During this time you will be assured of warm days and all the cool nights and most likely no rain at all during this time.

For the weather, you just need to Read below to verify the kind of climate that you will expect during your visit to Morocco. The Moroccan climate varies very much depending in which part of the country you are.

Normally the climate in Morocco remains fairly dry for the most time of the year; expect just little rain between the months of November and March.

The temperature is however incredibly high in the southern and also in the south eastern areas of the desert. Conversely,    the temperature drops significantly in the elevated areas of the mountainous to the extent of even the place getting to freezing point at night.

It will always be better to have a visit to the south and the desert courses just outside midsummer because this is when the most of the day is very hot for casual exploration, more so when you are only depending on public transport.

July and August happen to be, the hottest months and everything can be just wonderful on the coast, while in the mountains there are never set rules. Here below we give you the average temperatures in Morocco.