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Uganda Real Estate, Property Agents, Companies, Homes for sale

A guide to real estate industry in Uganda, homes for sale, plots, construction companies, where to buy land, real estate companies and more.

Uganda Music & Videos

The first type of Music ever in Uganda was called the Kadongo Kamu played with a single Guitar. This type of music prospered in the 50s to the 70s, later…

Jobs in Uganda, Adverts

Find Uganda job listings from various sources, employment bureaus, agencies and general tips on how to get a job in Uganda, Kampala, Entebbe, Jinja, Wakiso and so much more. Where…

Uganda Travel Guide

A complete destination guide to all your travel related information in Uganda; from flights to hotels, attractions, tour operators, activities and so much more.

Cars For Sale in Uganda, Car Dealers, Motor Vehicle Dealers in Uganda

How and where do I buy a car from I Uganda;Ugandan car prices,bonds? Cars for sale in Uganda There are very many cars on the market for sale in Uganda…

Uganda Food & Drinks Guide

Welcome to the complete guide to food and drinks in Uganda. Find what to eat, the delicacies in Uganda, how to cook, recipes and cuisines from the different parts of…

Uganda Home Care

Uganda Laundry and Detergents Guide What steps should I follow while doing my Laundry? Currently everything is becoming too expensive and people are trying to find ways on how to...

Uganda Lifestyle

Uganda Dogs and Pets Can I adopt a Dog or Pet in Uganda? Adopting a whole new dog may be one of life’s really satisfying pleasures. You are getting a...

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uganda national museum

Museums in Uganda

A country without a museum is not worth visiting since there is nothing that is going to show you the history of that particular country. That is why museums are…

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bahai temple

The Bahai Temples

The Bahai faith has been founded for over 100 years and it’s a phenomenal on its own. The Bahai Temple and faith has been established in more than 204 countries…

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Rubaga Cathedral

Places of Worship in Uganda

Places of worship refer to structures or buildings where people from the different religions gather to honor their religious beliefs and praise God. Sometimes the places of worship are referred…

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house for sale uganda

Houses For Rent in Uganda

Choosing a house to rent in Uganda is not easy but you need to look for something that fits into what you desire and your budget. Houses can be rented…

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ladies bags uganda

Ladies Bags Uganda, Hand Bags, Purses & Wallets

Ladies have a lot of accessories that they adorn themselves with from jewelry to shoes but it is rare to find a lady without a bag. Ladies have a lot…

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plumbing uganda

Plumbing in Uganda, Companies, Cost for Homes and Water

Plumbing in Uganda has increased due to high number of people who are constructing with inbuilt facilities like toilets, sinks and bathrooms. Plumbing involves toilets, sinks, tubs, pipes, showers and…

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