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What is the role of radio stations FM channels in Uganda;Music,entertainment,news and promotion communications?

Uganda Radio stations are one of the most exciting aspects in Uganda. People in all corners have radios to make them relax, enjoy and listen to the good music. The only way to have the best once you are in Uganda is to listen to the local Radio stations that play our own music. Due to the advancing technology, Uganda radio stations are also found on the internet with all sorts of music ranging from hip hop, reggae and rock. Political debates are also interesting issues on the radio, you get to know what’s on people’s mind and how the country  operates. These radios can be at home, office and in our cars to cool off the stress of the day. A radio is essential to every Ugandan.

 Radio stations with Interesting and Educative Talk Shows in Uganda

KFM 93.3

KFM is your one stop source for better information and the best music 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

29-35 8th street, P.O Box 12141 Indusrial Area Namuwongo Industrial Area, Kampala

+256 414 232369, +256 312 260018

+256 414 4347224

Radio King

3B Elizabeth Road 219,Gulu Gulu

0471-432201, Studio:071-2/0703-099902, 037-2902902

Transnile Broadcasting Service (TBS – 98.6 FM)

2 Parliament Avenue Jumbo Plaza 22783,Kampala Kampala

041-4346594, 075-7986986

Liberty Broadcasting Services

Fort Portal Road Hoima 157,Hoima Hoima

0465-423280, 077-2689806

Prime Radio 91.9

Kireka Hill Prime Broadcasting House 22,Kampala Kampala

075-2288850, 075-2288847

92.4 LUO FM

12 – 16 Obol Akal Road Pader 14,Pader Pader

075-1777333, 075-2777771

88.6 Hoima FM

16 Wright Road 86,Hoima Hoima

0465-440263, 0465-442188, Studio 077-2212207

Maranatha Radio

59 – 65 Bunaleba Crescent, Jinja Iganga High Way M 916,Jinja Jinja

077-2443089, 078-2847817

Radio Simba 97.3 FM (Ffe Mwe – Mwe Ffe)

2 Corporation Rise Bukoto 31564,Kampala Kampala

041-4543672, 041-4543698

Radio Kiboga Ltd. 89.5 FM

Kiboga – Kampala Road Kiboga 157,Kiboga Kiboga

036-2274175, 036-2277535

Open Gate FM

Mbale,Nkrumah Road 29575,Kampala Kampala


Eastern Voice FM & Apex FM – Jinja

Trikondus Road Kalina House 902,Bugiri Bugiri

Eastern Voice FM & Apex FM – Jinja

Trikondus Road Kalina House 902,Bugiri Bugiri

043-4250122, 077-2998531

102 Mega FM

4 Pilkington Road Colline House 3rd Floor, Rm. 46 Kampala Kampala


Signal FM 88.1 (Kampala Marketing Office)

1 Dewinton Road 11138,Kampala Kampala

041-4347021, 071-2743067

Radio Paidha 87.80 FM

Mawanda Road Kamwokya 34591,Kampala Kampala

041-4342127, 031-2260389

Northern Broadcast Co. Ltd.

77 Bukoto Street Kamwokya 26101,Kampala Kampala


Bamboo F.M 107.6

66 Main Street 1390,Jinja Jinja


Signal FM 88.1 (Head Office)

2 Court Road BCU Building 2040,Mbale Mbale

045-4435588, 077-2881881

The Voice of Africa

27 John Babiiha Avenue (Former Acacia) Kololo 5137,Kampala Kampala

041-4344033, 041-4255921

Radio Maria

839 Mutungo Road 7488,Kampala Kampala

041-4220535, 075-5928833

Radio Kiboga Ltd. 89.5 FM (Kampala Office)

Kampala Road ambersador House Kampala Kampala

Radio Sapientia 94.4 FM

Nsambya Road 29994,Kampala Kampala


Voice of Toro – Fort Portal

4-Mar Lugard Road 399,Fort Portal Fort Portal

077-3226822, 039-2857749

Voice of Busoga Radio 89.8 FM

25 Lubogo Road 2080,Jinja Jinja

043-4244433, 075-5898898

Sanyu FM 2000 Ltd.

38 Kampala Road Crane Chambers,6th Floor 7781,Kampala Kampala

041-4234665, 041-4343665

Radio King (Northern Broadcast Co. Ltd)

3716 Magala Rise, Off Kisaasi Road Ntinda 26101,Kampala Kampala

075-1555902, 041-4533479

104.1 Power FM

87 Kampala Road KPC Building 24603,Kampala Kampala

041-4346696, 041-4342020

Step Broadcasting & Communication Services Ltd.

Nkokonjeru Avenue 467,Mbale Mbale


102 Mega FM

11/13 Olya Road Independence House 358,Gulu Gulu

0471-432770/1, 0471-432211

Buddu Broadcasting Services Ltd.

Parliament Avenue Raja Chambers Kampala Kampala

041-4231891, 031-2296461

Voice of Teso Ltd.

6 Jinja Road 10101,Kampala Kampala

041-4256964, 031-2263055, 075-5000898

Step Broadcasting & Communication Services Ltd.

Nkrumah Road 29575,Kampala Kampala

91.9 Prime Radio

Kireka Hill 22,Kampala Kampala


Radio West Ltd. (Liasion Offices)

14 Parliament Avenue Jubilee Insurance Centre(Form 27222,Kampala Kampala

041-4340122/3, 041-4344191, 041-4232058

Radio One 90 FM / Akaboozi 87.9 FM Radio Two

32 Duster Street Central Building 4589,Kampala Kampala


94.8 Vision Voice

Kampala Kampala

041-4337948, 031-2337948

East African T.V & F.M

Parliament Avenue Jumbo Plaza 26445,Kampala Kampala


92.4 LUO FM

34601,Kampala Kampala

075-2777771, 075-1777333

Central Broadcasting Service Ltd.(CBS)

Kabaka Anjagala Road Bulange – Mengo Bulange House 12760,Kampala Kampala

031-2333100, 031-2262871, Studio lines 031-2333888

Super FM

477 Rubaga Hill 14031,Kampala Kampala


Touch FM Ltd.

115 Owen Road Kamwokya 23773,Kampala Kampala

031-2264956, 031-2264957

Top Radio 89.6 FM

713 Bombo Road Bwaise 24609,Kampala Kampala


Radio Bilal

23/25 Gadaffi Road Old Kampala (UMSC) 1146,Kampala Kampala
041-4258918, 070-3301158

Capital Radio

1A Cooper Road Kisement 7638,Kampala Kampala


Victoria FM (Victoria Broadcasting Network)

27 Spire Road VBN House 143,Jinja Jinja

043-4122713, 041-4121000

104.9 Ssuubi FM

69 Mulira Road Block 4 Mengo Bakuli – Namirembe 14020,Mengo Mengo

041-4272049, 077-2412951

Voice of Toro

10 Kampala Road Uganda House, Arcade Office No. 9 2203,Kampala Kampala


Voice of Busoga Ltd.

10101,Kampala Kampala

041-4663971, 031-2263055, 075-5000898

Ugandan Radio Dotcom

Entebbe Road Kampala Kibuye Entebbe Road Katwe, Kampala 256


Kiira FM Radio

Parliament Avenue Raja Chambers 2nd Floor Rm. 33 216,Kampala Kampala



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