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How do I Process Travel Insurance in Uganda?

While on your Uganda travel, ensure that you are well equipped medically. The following Clinics are run by professional Doctors in Uganda. You may contact them for various needs including arranging a travel health insurance.

 A Directory to Insurance Companies in Uganda

AAR Health Services Tel: Tel: 0414255991
Angelica Medical Services Tel: 0772 610831
Bugolobi Hospital Tel:222354
Case Medical Centre Tel: 0772 522681
Kololo Hospital Tel: 231935
Family Nursing home :0414-268527
Fort Lugard Medical Centre:0414257329
International Medical Centre:0414-341291,342608
For emergencies call ,


JODA Clinic Tel: 230864
Kadic Hospital:041-543723,543726,077-406612
Kampala Medical Chambers :041-348846,077-505013
KIM’s Medical Centre: 077 500601
Sas clinic :041-345325
Sim’s Medical Centre041340084,077-500601
St Francis Clinic

The Surgery :041 256003 ,075-756003
victoria Medical Centre 041-235546,257594, Road 041320956

Recommended Dentists in Uganda

Dentists Doctors
Dr Alike Okello,041-531259, 077-721511
Dr G .B. Bataringaya Plot 6 Colville street, Airways House ,1st Floor suite 6
Dr.G. Madan 041-349284,077-433058
Dr.Tom K.Mutyabule:041-347608,031-251525
Jubilee Dental:041344787
Sas Dental 077-488592
Uncle Sam’s Clinic 077-460937

Uganda Clinics and Medical Services