Uganda Beauty Parlour

A Guide to Beauty Parlours in Uganda

Where in Uganda can I go for a beauty Make over?

Lola’s Beauty Salon

12 Luwum Street City Centre Complex Rm. C-13 Kampala Kampala

t: 031-2278235, 077-2468407

Aisha Beauty Parlour

3 Cooper Road Kisement – Kololo 7285,Kampala Kampala

t: 041-4344366, 041-4254526

Salon Ambience

9 to 10 Dewinton Road Opp. National Theatre 21937,Kampala Kampala

t: 041-4348435, 041-4234316

Kitty’s Bridal Salon and Boutique

42 Kampala Road Hotel City Square 21331,Kampala Kampala

t: 041-4348306, 077-2481520

Sparkles Salon

Yusuf Lule Road Garden City 29452,Kampala Kampala

t: 041-4237805, 071-2488367

Tas Salon

461 Tufnell Drive 7560,Kampala Kampala

t: 041-4252380, 077-2395049, 070-222200

Amob Italian Shop

Kampala Kampala

t: 077-2904254, 078-2339660

Lady Charlotte

Equatoria Shopping Arcade, Shop No. 1 34,Kampala Kampala

t: 077-2325858, 075-1057343

Bayanja Mens Salon

87 Kampala Road KPC Building 1045,Kampala Kampala

t: 041-4346819

Flabey General Agency

Entebbe Road Kampala Kampala

t: 041-4347922, 071-2561378


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