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Uganda International Schools

With this mordernity, parents are taking their children to international schools because they want their children to get the best education that the world has to offer. International schools have the same education system worldwide that is why they are becoming so popular. Parents have been given a chance to take their children to these schools to obtain a cultural diversity, better communication skills and to be famous internationally. The type of education given to the student is quite advanced and they also specialize in what child wants to do in future. These schools have been on the market although with less publicity.

The international schools are different depending on the community they are set up in. For example a school may be headed by Americans and the syllabus used to teach students will be just the same like that of home. The way students behavior is the same like the American students, the environment they live in is international. However there are some international schools that don’t not specialize, they welcome all children and give them a chance to know the world better. They have a diverse environment of all kinds of students.

After the international schools getting so popular worldwide, the curriculum has been has been designed to suit both international and traditional studies. The schools are aiming at providing a diverse environment that is also suitable for

What are International schools in Uganda all about?

child upbringing. They create a relationship that unites students to their background and culture internationally.
Because of the culturally diverse environment, students are given a chance to at least learn two languages that are internationally. Students come from different countries with different languages spoken, thus they also need a unifying language that will help them communicate better with the rest.

International schools work towards giving a holistic approach to education, they teach currently issues that the world has to offer more so in fields of social media and politics. The love they instill in them is to be patient with different cultures trying to discover their destinations. Students are encouraged to share with one another; they eat and play different kinds of games together. Through this, they get to love and care for one another. They are tolerant in the way they do their things because they are taught that people are different and that they have to appreciate the fact that they are unique in all ways. These schools play a great role in the surrounding community and gives them chance to develop.

What are the benefits of international schools over the other school?

The most important fact about these schools is that it enables students grow socially, academically, spiritually and physically. They help to exploit student’s potential to the fullest; they are fed well just like other international schools worldwide. Every parent would love to have their children study in these international schools because the benefits are so amazing. But they are expensive to handle, you must be well off to sustain a child. Because of the quality education provided by international schools, this has made it so popularity as people are coming up with many schools of a kind.

International school is a school that aims at promoting international education. It’s also based on adopting an international curriculum from Baccalaureate or Cambridge. Their curriculum tend to differ from that of the other schools located in the country. They focus more on children from different parts of the world. Local students also study from these international schools to get international employment. The setting of these schools gives a perfect setting for students to reach their full potential. International schools struggle to create a pleasant stability between academic load, sports, cultural festivals as well as community life. Furthermore they teach students to be academically intrusive and socially mindful and also to evaluate what they do not know and find solutions to the problems.

Directory to International Schools in Uganda

Kissyfur International

1 Bandali Rise Bugolobi 7773,Kampala Kampala

041-4222095, 077-2801407

Rainbow International School

Off Ggaba Road Nanganda – Lukuli Tyaba Zone LC1 7632,Kampala Kampala


Vienna College Namugongo

Namugongo 27588,Kampala Kampala

041-4288675, 077-2221557, 077-2590908

The International School of Uganda

272 Off Entebbe Road Lubowa Estate 4200,Kampala Kampala


The Aga Khan School (Education Service Uganda)

9 – 11 Makerere Road Old Kampala 6837,Kampala Kampala


Montessori Pre-School & Bobo’s Day Care Center

2155 Kireka Road – Mbuya Mbuya, Mutungo Kunya Stag 28695,Kampala Kampala

041-4590550, 070-2669164, 077-2669164

Kampala International School Uganda

Old Kira Road Bukoto 34249,Kampala Kampala

041-4530472, 075-2711882

Ambrosoli International School

10 – 12 Binayomba Road Bugolobi 10546,Kampala Kampala

041-4220416, 039-2707055, 031-2266777