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Computer Shopping Online in Uganda

Statistics have shown that some of the most popular products sold online are computers and related products such as software, computer parts and auxiliary equipment including printers, scanners, cameras, and more recently downloads such as movies, games and even TV shows.

This is not surprising considering the advances made in hardware and software over the past few years. The number of computer users is growing every year and with computer education in public schools, grade school students are teaching their parents and grandparents how to surf the web, and play the latest online games.,

Everyone is looking for the latest products on computers and software. Even thought online computer shopping was one of the very first branches of online shopping to develop, it can require a lot of time and effort to be sure you find just what you want at the best price. Nothing can be more upsetting than buying something at a price you think is a real bargain and then seeing it for 25% less at another site.

Finding the lowest price is easier to accomplish when you first look at multiple websites until you find just the computer, software or accessory you want. Once you find the right product, that is the time to begin comparing cost. Keep in mind that the cheapest price is not always to lowest total cost. You have to take in to consideration the shipping costs, warranty, technical support and reliability of the supplier, if you want the most for your money. That is especially true when you buy equipment to use with your computer. Almost everyone I know has bought a printer at an amazingly low price only to find out that replacing the color cartridge costs almost as much as buying another printer would. That’s what I mean by “Total Cost”

Online computer stores provides many different products with different brands and some provide reviews on those products that provide useful information, so don’t just shop at Dell for a Dell Computer Accessories or at HP for HP accessories. There are many online discount stores that handle multiple brands and have very good reputations. A good thing to find is a few sites that provide you with links to many of the online discount stores, as well as, the manufacturers’ site.

This makes it much simpler to go to multiple online shopping sites without having to use the search engines over and over. When you do that you often find 100,000 sites that actually have nothing to do with what you are searching for. Online computer shopping can be fun when you spend your time actually looking at the products you want to buy instead of sifting through thousands of unrelated link. Two of the many sites that can provide you with these links, which include computers, software, electronics and other equipment to make your computing more fun.

Computer and Laptop Dealers in Uganda,Computer Hardware and software;Prices

a1 Expert Technology Limited
Plot 78 Bombo Road
P.O Box 25431, Kampala
Tel: +256-414-258786, +256-717-258786
E-mail: expertltd@yahoo.com

Cal Uganda
Plot 7 Kampala Road
P.O Box 10626, Kampala
Tel: +256-414-251749/50, +256-772-905172
E-mail: cal.uganda@symphony.co.ug
Website: www.symphony.co.ug

Computers & Telecom Accessories Limited
Plot 1 Bombo Road, Sure House
P.O Box 31503, Kampala
Tel: +256-414-235695, +256-712-669786 / 23569
E-mail: ctl_uganda@yahoo.co.uk

Computers & Telecom Accessories Limited
Plot 1 Bombo Road, Sure House
P.O Box 31503, Kampala
Tel: +256-414-235695, +256-712-669786 / 23569
E-mail: ctl_uganda@yahoo.co.uk

Crystal Clear Software Ltd.
King Fahd Plaza, Kampala Road
P.O Box 7463, Kampala
Tel: +256-414-231739
E-mail: ccs@infocom.co.ug

Digital printer materials (U) LTD
Crown house Plot 4A, Nkrumah Road
P.O Box 36201, Kampala
Tel: +256782708278
E-mail: dpm_inkmate@yahoo.com
Website: www.alfachem.net

Digitek IT Mart
Plot 77/79 Kampala Road
P.O Box 29236, Kampala
Tel: +256-414-233716, +256-712-840260
E-mail: yusuf@crescent.co.ke

Emsam Systems Uganda Limited
Plot 321 Ggaba Road Kansang, Aqua House
P.O Box 20183, Kampala
Tel: +256-414-375973, +256-712-324411
E-mail: emsam@mail2uganda.com

Gemrock Networks Limited
Plot 10 Entebbe Road, Metropole House
P.O Box 25849, Kampala
Tel: +256-414-574449, +256-312-276472, 772-50
E-mail: gemclients@yahoo.co.uk

General Computer Services Ltd
Plot 11/12 William Street, Gadith House
P.O Box 34157, Kampala
Tel: +256-414-371237 / 340766, +256-772-59266
E-mail: gcs@spacenet.com

grand imperial
P.O Box 3019, Kampala
Tel: 0712109977
E-mail: i-grafix@linuxmail.org

Kisubi Domestic Science Training School
Entebbe Road, Kisubi
P.O Box 64, Entebbe
Tel: +256-772-523188 / 919573
E-mail: kiriisa@hotmail.com

Matrix Computer Centre
Plot 367 Katwe Road
P.O Box 23333, Kampala
Tel: +256-414-230966, +256-712-900955
E-mail: matrixcomputercentre@yahoo.com

Megadata Solutions Limited
Wilson Road
P.O Box 256, Kampala
Tel: +256712983190
E-mail: mdsl@email.com
Website: http://mdsl.biz

Millenium Telecom & Computers
Plot 69 Kampala Road
P.O Box 7028, Kampala
Tel: +256-414-237976, +256-772-469823
E-mail: mhc-kla@yahoo.com

Mitsumi Computer Garage Limited
Sure House, Bombo Road
P.O Box 34190, Kampala
Tel: +256-414-347710 / 347707
E-mail: salesuga@mitsumi.com
Website: mitsumi.com

Neptune Software Uganda Limited
Plot 14 Nakasero Road
P.O Box 32082, Kampala
Tel: +256-414-237781/3, +256-717-540987
E-mail: neptuneuganda@plc.com
Website: www.neptunesoftwareplc.com

Prime Computer Centre Limited
Plot 52 Kampala Road, King Fahd Plaza
P.O Box 29983, Kampala
Tel: +256-414-349412, +256-772-411145

Prime Computer Centre Limited
Plot 52 Kampala Road, King Fahd Plaza
P.O Box 29983, Kampala
Tel: +256-414-349412, +256-772-411145

Rank Consult Uganda Limited
Plot 12 Tarnan Road, Nakasero
P.O Box 4059, Kampala
Tel: +256-414-259424
E-mail: admin@rankconsult.co.ug
Website: www.rankconsult.co.ug

Software Applications Uganda Limited
Plot 36 Bukoto Street, Kamwokya
P.O Box 22811, Kampala
Tel: +256-414-531521/2/3, +256-712-194597
E-mail: ewanaswa@salafrica.co.ug
Website: www.salafrica.co.ug

Syntax Era
Plot 68 Entebbe Road, Najjanankumbi
P.O Box 7397, Kampala
Tel: +256-751-938846, +256-782-092199

Webstar International
P.O Box 8383, Kampala
Tel: +256-752-876704
E-mail: webstard@yahoo.co.uk