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2 Lumumba Avenue Simbamanyo House, Level 2 16290,Kampala Kampala


Block Technical Services

84 High Street 1477,Mbarara Mbarara

0485-421882, 038-2271747

Creations Consult Africa Ltd.

2D Nakasero Hill Road 29421,Kampala Kampala

041-4232717, 041-4232719, 077-2405465

El-Archs Partnership

17/19 Kampala Road Diamond Trust Building 21968,Kampala Kampala


Arch Design – Architects & Engineers

85 Buganda Road 22946,Kampala Kampala

041-4234487, 031-2260010

Technology Consults Ltd.

Makerere University Faculty of Technology Faculty 26690,Kampala Kampala


Starlite Engineers Ltd.

3 2nd Street Industrial Area 37799,Kampala Kampala


Asuta Design Consultants

13/15 Kimathi Avenue Impala House 6274,Kampala Kampala


Pegasus International

43 Lumumba Avenue Kampala Kampala


Tropical Construction Co.

20 Namirembe Rubaga Road 71852,Kampala Kampala


Arch Forum Ltd.

103 Bukoto Street, Off Lugogo By Pass 12461,Kampala Kampala

041-4531565, 031-2262113/4

Symbion Uganda Ltd.

14 Parliament Avenue Jubilee Insurance Plaza, 7th 7671,Kampala Kampala

031-2260252, 041-4251142, 041-4349065


Plot 14, Tufnell drive Kamwokya – Kampala P O Box 4533 Kamwokya, Kampala


Hiring an Architect
Great care and concern is taken when choosing an architect to work on your dream home or building. It is not just a matter of looking through a directory and getting one of the listed companies like it is with restaurants or hotels.
Hiring an architect demands enormous time, effort and research work. Here are a few steps to help you identify the best person to handle an important home or project plan;
A guide to great buildings and homes is all about personal preferences and wants. It is important to have details and specifics of how you want your project to look like for example in size, building style, space and any other special features. Putting together such specifications guides you on your hunt for an architect that can have these ideas put into the house plan
Trust and reliability are important in any business relation as for architecture. Ask around for recommendations on architects through friends and family. You probably want to be sure about an architect and have to hire one who has done a good job for some one you know. You can also look online for some companies and visit their physical address. The person or company hired should do a good job giving priority to your specifications and trust is an important element in such a business!

How do I select the best Architect or firm in Uganda?

The list of recommended/trusted parties or companies from friends is often a long one. Narrow down your list while taking a look at company portfolios and previous works. Previous works help you identify the architectural design and philosophy that particular company specialize in and also makes suggestion more ideas to fit into your dream house!
You definitely have a few more queries to ask about the company or architect. Are the architects listed or registered in the national association of architects?  What is their policy on outsourcing for schematics and Administration? Many questions rise on liability, insurance, fees and charges, reputation in the industry and more! Make sire you have answers to these and other queries before you make appointments with particular companies to trust with your dream building project.
With most of the work on research done, you have a long list of trusted companies. Make your choice from the top tow or three architects and set up appointments with each through email or calling their physical address. Consult them about any possible challenges that may come up during the project. Ask if the company is interested in your project with your specifications and also about the duration they can take to finish it.
The last step is making a final decision for an architect who has scored high for all your listed specifications. Be comfortable with the choice made and thus create a working contract spelling out the duties and roles of each party before the project, during the entire construction stages and any other responsibilities that may accrue due to ethics and professionalism in architectural work.