Uganda Furniture,Fitting and Accessories

What do I do with Furniture ,fitting and Accessories for my new Home? After building your new home or getting a new office, the first thing that comes to mind…

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Uganda Laundry, Detergents, Washing Machines

Currently everything is becoming too expensive and people are trying to find ways on how to reduce on the costs. Household equipments are hard to purchase and so the laundry…

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Uganda Food Processing and Food Products

A complete guide to Uganda Food Processors RAA Ltd. 14 Bombo Road 22784,Kampala Kampala 041-4256717 Stemuka Foods Ltd. Sir Albert Cook Road Wakaliga 28959,Kampala Kampala 075-1366000 Unga Millers (U) Ltd….

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Uganda Events Management Companies, Organisers and Consultants

Who are the events managers in Uganda;Companies,consultants? Just as the name suggests, event management businesses are companies paid to handle all the work involved in organizing and planning an event. …

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