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Senegal, located in western bulge of Africa. The country is Boardered with Guinea and Guinea Bissau to the south, the Atlantic Ocean to the west, Mauritania to the north and northeast and Mali to the east.

The country that surrounds Gambia on three sides has major rivers – the Senegal, Saloum, Gambia and Casamance – flowing from east to west.


Currency: West African CFA=100 centimes
Time: GMT
Major Airport: Dakar-Yoff-Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport
Ports and Harbours: Dakar Port, St Louis Port, Cape Verde, Port Authority

Electricity: 230V running at 50Hz.

Main Health risk: Malaria
International telephone country code: 221


Capital: Dakar
Rainfall: less than 20 inches in the north to 80 inches in Casamance.
Temperature: 24° – 38°C (75° – 100°F)
Land Area: 192,000 sq. km.
Altitude: 1600 ft. above sea level

Vegetation: shrub savannas, shrub and tree savannas, bushlands and woody vegetation.
Natural Resourses: Fish, Phosphates, Iron Ore
Land use: Land use: 12.78% permanent crops: 0.21% other: 87.01%

Major National Park: Parc National De Niokolo-Koba

Main Exports: Peanut oil, Cotton, Fabrics, Fish, Fertilizers, Ground Nuts.
Climate: Tropical; hot, humid; rainy season (May to November) has strong southeast winds; dry season …

Terrain: Generally low, rolling, plains rising to foothills in southeast.


Language: French (Official)
Population: 11,126,832 million.
Nationality: Senegalese
Density: . 137 hab./km²,
Life expectancy: 56.56 yrs.

Religion: 96% Islam, 6% indigenous beliefs, 2% Christian

Income per capita: $1,700
Education:Primary, secondary, higher, university

Ethnic groups: Wolof 43.3%, Pular 23.8%, Serer 14.7%, Jola 3.7%, Mandinka 3%, Soninke 1.1%, European and Lebanese 1%

President: Mr Abdoulaye Wade
First Vice President: Macky Sall

National Flag: Green is for Muslims, the colour of the Prophet’s flag; for Christians, it is the symbol of hope; for Animists, it is symbol of fecundity. Gold [yellow] is the symbol of wealth, Red recalls the colour of blood, The five branches of the star represent the opening of Senegal to the five continents. The star represents the sky and therefore the spiritual values of the nation. The green colour of the star symbolizes hope.

Government: Republic Under Multiparty Democratic Rule
Administrative divisions: 11 regions

Senegal can be visited at any time of the year. Senegal is home to some of the most photographed beaches in the world.

The weather is tropical, hot and humid with the rainy season (May to November) having some strong southeast winds and the dry season (Decmber to April) is dominated by hot, dry, humid and harmattan winds.


The country has several Airports with International flights which land at Dakar-Yoff-Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport. Main towns are linked to Dakar via a domestic air service runs by the national airline, Air Senegal. Senegal is served by a number of international airlines, including direct service from New York via several charter airlines. Air France operates between Dakar and Paris; Air Senegal International also has several Paris-Dakar flights a week. Other European airlines serve Dakar from Belgium, Spain, and Portugal. Regional airlines.

The international airport of Dakar can accommodate all long range aircraft coming from the world over. Certain charter organized, during certain periods, direct flights to Saint Louis and Cap Skirring.Other airfields in the country can accommodate lighter aircraft. Their are also private companies that can furnish air transportation.


All visitors to Senegal should have a valid passport. This should be at least six months to expiry date.

Visas are not required for nationals of Canada, South Africa, Burkina Fasso, Tunisia, Central African Republic, Sierra Leone, Taiwan, Congo, EU Countries, Gambia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Japan, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Benin,Israel, Liberia, Niger, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Nigeria, Togo, UK and USA.
It is advisable to check with your nearest Senegalese Embassy/Consular before you travel since Visa requirements can change at any time.


Senegal has several Tour and travel companies/Tourist offices which offer Airline tickets and also offer other services to tourists.


Senegal has a good road system that links the country to others, and city to city. Bus services are available throughout Senegal daily. Train Services are also available.

There are also vehicles for hire the main towns are linked with minibuses and taxis.


Senegal has a wide range of accommodation. The country has several hotels including Le Meridien President Dakar, Nina Hotel, Novotel Dakar, Village Club Calao, Coralia Club Le Baobab, Hotel Croix du Sud, Sofitel Ternaga and Le Miramar Hotel

The hotels have restaurants, coffee shops, poolside snack bars, meeting rooms, tennis courts, golf and fishing which facilities make it ideal for both business and pleasure.

These hotels offer several facilities and attractions, beautiful sceneries, gardens and Beaches for relaxation and enjoyment.


There are several attractions found Senegal like Dakar the capital city has markets and museum, the Institut Fondamental d’Afrique Noir are tourist attractions. Beaches include the Plage Bel-Air, N’Gor and Yoff, Yenn and Toubab Dialao which are well known for their spectacular red cliffs. The President’s Palace, National Gallery and the great mosque, medina are visited by every visitor. Island Goree. St Louis a former slave settlement and once Senegal’s capital, Petite Cote, Siné-saloum delta, Basse casamance, National parks like Parc National de Niokolo Koba, Parc National de l’Île de la Madeleine, Parc National Langue de Barbarie, Parc National de Basse Casamance and Parc National des Oiseaux de Djoudj with wildlife including Africa’s largest lions, elephants, panthers, crocodiles, a variety of antelopes and birds.


The country has several banking services in most major towns. Credit cards and travellers cheques are widely accepted. Banking hours run from Monday to Friday: 0800-1115 and 1430-1630, and shops are open from Monday to Saturday: 0800-1200 and 1400-1800.



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