Location:  south west of Uganda and is bordered by Rwanda to the west and Democaratic Republic of Congo to the West.
Population: Approximately 220,000 people.
Main Town:  Kisoro and it has a total population of approximately 10,700 people.
Area: 729.7 sq. Kilometers.

Land and Vegetation: the landscape of the district is generally hilly with some high features like Mt. Muhavura which projects to 4,127 m above sea level, and 3.88% of the terrain is covered with open water and 2.95% with wetlands. The other 0.96% is covered with forest reserves.

Below are the main tourist attractions within the district.
1. Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

This is the smallest park in Uganda and is located in the south west of Uganda within Kisoro district. In 1991, Mgahinga was gazetted . This park is part of the Virunga Conservation Area and covers an expanse of 33.7 km out of the 434 km of the conservation area. Mgahinga is one of the 2 parks that are a natural habitat of the mountain gorillas that are facing extinction. The main tourist activity in the park is gorilla tracking.
2. Game viewing/primate viewing

Other than the mountain gorillas, there are several animals dwelling within the park among which are buffaloes, bushbucks, the endangered golden monkeys and elephants which make game viewing another popular activity in this park.
3. Volcanoe Climbing

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park provides 3 extinct volcano peaks for able bodied hikers. These 3 volcanoes are Mt Sabyinya at 3,669m, Mt. Gahinga at 3,474m and Mt. Muhavura at 4,127m which offer challenging hiking experiences.
4. Cave Exploration
Among the caves that were inhabited by the long ago crafty Batwa people-who then where warriors,is the Garama Cave. It if from this cave that the Batwa people based as they fought the neighboring bantu communities. This cave is 3km away from the headquarters of the park and takes close to 4 hours to reach it.
Your guide will gladly demonstrate to you how the Batwa lived and also fought outside this cave. This 342m long and 14 m deep ancient cave is current inhabited by bats.
5. Viewing platform/hills

The platform is approximately 800m from the gate of the park. While on this platform you will be able to view the stunning overview of the park and its adjoining area. The platform has display panels that avail you with information regarding whatever you will be seeing. The ancient volcanic activity in this district tailored the area’s terrain  into the present day hilly nature which provides numerous hiking opportunities for the visitors.
6. Bird Watching

Bird watching has become a rapidly growing tourism activity in this park.  This is majorly done along the rim of the park. A leisurely walk along the buffalo barricade towards Congo will lead you to the wetland regions that are plentiful with a variety different species of birds.
7. Forest/Nature walks

Forest treks/ walks are done in the forested regions of the park. On the other hand, nature walks are carried out in and outside the various communities.
8. Community/market visits

Market tours yake place on specific days in the week. Such visits usually give the visitors quite a memorable experience. Additionally, visits to the neighboring vommunities are organized to give visitors an opportunity to explore and discover the behavior and lifestyle of the kisoro people who are majorly Batwa & Bafumbira.
9. Crater Lakes

Kisoro has several crater lakes with bright green Lake Mutunda which is situated 14 km north from Kisoro town being the most remarkable among them all. There are wonderful sunset cruises taken on the lake. Additionally, canoeing and fishing together with other exciting recreational activities are among the other activities on this lake.
10. Scenery Viewing

The stunning panorama of the beautiful crater lakes and the rift valley all present a breath taking scenery that no visitor can miss to marvel at. Other sceneries include Abbis found at Muremure in Kitende Township.
11. Cultural Performances

The rich and exceptional culture of the Batwa together with the Bafumbira people is boosted by their amazing cultural dances and customs which will certainly amuse you and get you wanting more of it. These performances are done when requested for by the tourist/visitors.
12. Crafts and Souvenirs industry

The affluent culture of the Bafumbira & Batwa people comprises of a diversity of unique souvenir baskets and crafts; the crafts are woven carefully giving attention to every detail. These items are quite unique that they could boost community tours in this district.
13. Cave exploration and Antiquities

Exploration of archeological findings and the different caves is already taking place in the district. The lava tubes that remained as a result of volcanic activity contribute greatly to the the stunning caves. Among the famous caves are Ruhenju found in the township of Gigozi, Mwambike adjacent to Mutorere Secondary School and Soko in the township of Soko. These caves were actually used as a safe dwelling place during the then tribal wars.
14. Hotel and Catering

There are a number of remarkable hotels in the district. Among them are Gahinga Rest Camp, Sky Blue Motel, Volcanoes Hotel and Mgahinga Safari Lodge. During the survey carried out in 2001 on tourism establishments, there was a total of 453 beds, whereas the Hotel & Catering industry employed 143 people in the district at that time.