Congo Safaris, Gorilla Trekking in Congo, Travel Guide

Although DR Congo is has a long history of political instability, rebel activity and wars, everyone must have heard a thing or two about it beauty or several mines of gold, diamond and other minerals. It is Africa’s second largest country located within central Africa.The country is covered in dense tropical rainforests drained and sustained by the Congo river system and the tropical weather. The west is occupied by a series of forested mountain ranges and thick grasslands to the central which glaciated mountains form much of the eastern border near Uganda and Rwanda.
Kinshasa is the capital city and is the largest town in Congo. Besides the international airport in Kinshasa, you can make stops at the National museum or the Kinshasa University before you proceed to the wildlife parks and forest reserves in the country side. Due to it weather, rainforests and landscape, Congo is gifted with incredible numbers of wildlife found in the five National parks.

Upemba National park is located near the Congo River and thus is home to several schools of Hippos, chimpanzees, crocodiles, buffalos and bonobo chimpanzees among other. To the east are the famous Mountain Gorillas in Virunga National Park which was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site together with Garumba, Kahuzi and Salonga national Parks. Congo gorilla habitat extends into Uganda and Rwanda borders. Other animals in Congo include forest Elephants, cryptids called Mokele mbembe , okapi and white rhinos and many other species.
Some of the interesting tourist attractions in Congo besides the wildlife include Lake Tanganyika that is on the border with Tanzania known for aquarium fishes and fishing villages, Kiobo and Lofol Waterfalls, Lake Albert and Lake Kivu. Mount Nyirango and Mount Nyamulagira are active volcanoes that have erupted more than one in the last decade.  There are many efforts made to revive tourism in Congo and many tour operators have holiday packages for congo tourists at cheap prices.



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