What to Wear to a Polo Match

What to Wear at Polo Match What is the Polo game/ match all about? Polo is a game that has been known for being charismatic and wealthy since time memorial….

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Uganda Salons

Salons and Hair Spurs in Uganda Where can I have a Hair do and Treatment in Uganda? Hairpot Beauty Parlour Jinja Road Esso Corner Kampala Kampala 041-4590234, 071-2633622 Shutter Speed…

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Uganda Hair Products and Accessories

How can I have a Hair extreme Make over in Uganda? It’s a dream come true for every woman to look attractive and beautiful, they will do whatever it takes…

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Uganda Cosmetics and Perfumes

Where can I buy genuine cosmetics and Perfumes in Uganda? When it comes to perfumes and cosmetics, every woman becomes obsessed. It’s something that every woman must have to look…

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