Cost Of Living in Kampala Uganda;Accommodation,Food,Groceries,Nightlife,Transport and Communication

What is the cost of living in Kampala, How much salary one would need for a decent living with some savings? Living in Kampala is quite likable by many of…

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Kampala Banks,Money exchange,Forex rates,in Kampala Uganda

So you are moving to Kampala and asking yourself; what exactly do I do concerning money? Here is nearly all you want to know. Uganda has a cash economy (which…

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What To Do In Kampala,Attractions,Places to visit,Moving around Kampala Uganda

No matter if you are a backpacking traveler, a frugal oil tycoon, or an NGO worker with limited funds, we all want to have something free of charge at times….

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Kampala Transport, Taxi, Bodaboda, Special Hire and Buses

How do I move around and about in Kampala Uganda? A number of the most disorderly experiences in my life consist of: getting swindled by a man having a pistol…

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